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Blackwater Raiders and Shadow Council
Hello folks our guild is currently looking for new folks. We are not your run of the mill guild. We like to have fun and run various things like other guilds. Although what sets us apart from some other guilds is we don’t mind if you are under geared or under skilled we will help you. I have lead many raid progression teams throughout various expansions. I have helped many people become good at their class and help them acquire the skills and gear they needed to get there after other guilds have thrown them away. We are family based so we also understand that real life is bigger than this game. We do use Discord for voice communication. Let me tell you something I believe in. This game offers various things... Money, Items, and allot of things in this game come and go like the wind but good people are the truest of rare finds in wow. So please add me and come allow us to help you in your game experience. Come join a true family-based guild. My battle tag is Deadman#1363... Thanks for your time reading this!!!

P.S. Sense of humors Welcome!!
im not interested in help. i am interested in killing stuff. can you provide that?
of course lol add me and we can talk more Deadman#1363

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