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Lets make this game great, the MMO It was, The MMORPG worthy of the title Most played, most active player base, lets go to a time where failure is real.. where it ate your time, you made friends, relationships, people you wont ever forget.. now with how casual its been lfr and group finder makes everyone feel like another number. the mmo genre was a second life now it feels like a mobile game.. you don't need to even message someone to raid even in normal-heroic maybe even mythic raiding gearing doesn't feel good, this isn't fun no satisfaction in killing bosses getting a titan forged piece it kind of feels like all my effort /played was for nothing when I get a titan forged.. #Talk about this, if we the players don't who will? #Be Constructive!
Nothing you said made sense.
I have to agree. Many core systems are causing me to feel like the story of my time invested is less important than ever. It feels like the time I put into the game is pointless and without a guild, there is no story to the game. When I had to leave a guild I was raiding with, it felt like the entire game was pulled out from under me: and that's because there's little else for personal development than the raid.

Give us more ways to show off who we are and let us make value choices with our time inside the game. That is what makes the game fun to me.
Did all World of Warcraft players fail basic English?
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mmo genre was a second life

I think I found the problem.

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