[A-RP] Pancake Breakfast Charity Fundraiser

Moon Guard
Greetings Moon Guard!

In the wake and in light of the recent atrocities committed by the Horde against our Kaldorei allies and thereby the Alliance as a whole; the Te'Amun together with the Celestial Coalition will be hosting a Pancake Breakfast to raise much-needed funds to aid in providing provisions and shelter to Kaldorei refugees and orphans. You will be able to choose between buttermilk or pumpkin pancakes, and select from an array of tasting toppings!

Please come join us for breakfast and comradery outside of the Stockades, near the cooking vendors!
All funds raised will be going into the efforts for raising, sheltering, feeding, and much more for the victims of Darkshore and Teldrassil!

    When: Saturday, October 27th at 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM server time!
    Where: Stormwind City, near the cooking trainers.
    Costs: No formal charge, but (IC) gold donations are welcomed! Pay as much or as little as your character feels is appropriate.

Hope to see you guys there!
Izzy here will be there for sure!

It has come to our attention that the Draenei plan to force-feed their allies a chemical enhancer en masse under the guise of a pancake breakfast. This is done under the pretense of a relief effort, but our spies have also indicated that they don't plan to offer home fries, hot sauce or even bacon. The monsters.

As we all know, a true breakfast is comprised of huevos rancheros, biscuits and sausage gravy, eggs benedict or the recent addition of the Highmountains' flapjacks - a far superior variant to the estranged and admittedly wilted batter that the Alliance's chefs purport.

To curb the potential risks that this "feast" might pose, we suggest finishing what we started at Teldrassil; find the maple trees, and either tap them or render them ash. A strike against their syrup supply will be as damning as a blow to their lanes of moving Azerite, and with their already dubious pancakes covered in lesser condiments or weak substitutes, their forces will be routed along the gastronomic front.

Our lumberjacks are standing by in seasonal flannel. For the Horde.
B-b-but. Pumpkin pancakes. With whipped cream.

What's gonna be wrong with that!
Can't make war on an empty stomach!
Will there be waffles too?

A waffle is like a pancake with a syrup trap.
Nope, no waffles. Zulrajai may have to add that to his letter to the Warchief.

*grumbles* Wouldn't be a pancake breffus if we had waffles, now, would it? Never mind bacon and eggs benedict. hmpf.
To be fair, you could infuse your pancakes with crumbled bacon. Especially if you make maple bacon, stir some of that into your batter, and you have another kind of pancake you can serve at your breakfast.

and for the horde watching. Yes this came from a former Farstrider :D
Bacon infused... hmpf. Next you'll be wanting OJ.


... maybe next month.
Will we be screening Saturday morning cartoons also?

(I'll be there.)
Saturday morning RP? Pancakes? Two favorite things in the world, count me in!
This draenei is very interested, as most Moon Guard RP is out of her timezone

She knows a hearty breakfast as 'Full English' with sausage, bacon, eggs, tomatoes, fried bread and black pudding .. terrible for the waist and hips, yes (/waggle) but she will sample these pancakes of which you speak !

It would also be lovely to meet Te Amun .. sounds great !
Support the elves in the name of Pancakes! Oh, and also Elune!
I know I shall be there.
((I will be there! Either as Keely Marlfox, or my alt, Volhellian Duskwhisper. <3))
Thanks so much! We can't wait to see all of you there! <3
I may even be there early, as I enjoy a morning jog around the canals when staying over in Stormwind !

Mmm, I shall try not to dip my tendrils in the sticky syrup ... draenei problems, ehhh !
Gaytheil's going to stop by!

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