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In Classic WoW I propose the number of new servers be kept low. The purpose is not to overburden the servers, but to build a sense of community.

Community was hurt when subscription numbers dropped and scores of servers became ghost towns. Linked servers helped a bit, but the point is, especially early on when there is likely to be a burst of interest, try not to make to many servers.

A small number of servers will build communities.
I think maybe overpopulating each server by say 1,000 players would help with that. It'd be a little chaotic at first but once the tourists clear out, it'd stabilize to nice high populations.
Its one of the most interesting aspects of wow classic for me, how will blizzard handle the expectations vs realities of population management, sharding and phashing, quests and respawns etc.
One seever to rule them all. One server one community.
I'm not sure one server would be any better for the community than a bunch of under-populated servers. Essentially current retail is one server with sharding and communication has become practically impossible in cities.

I don't envy Blizzard the need to determine how many servers they should have or how they should stitch them together because I have serious concerns that we'll see high initial player volumes and then a number of servers will become imbalanced or outright ghost towns which will not be good for community.

Even where current hardware can handle more players and even larger crowds, if the core code is true to vanilla all that means is that quest farming will become a nightmare... Plainstrider Beaks are hard enough without 500 people doing the same quest at the same time on a single server (and not have 500 people together would imply sharding which would be detrimental to community).

Honestly, I'd be happier with a plan to combine servers after 3-6 months and a goal of keeping server populations near the vanilla "high" population caps. Not the best solution but the best I can think of off the top of my head.
One server with potentially hundreds of thousands of players is basically what we have now.

No thanks
Or they could open as many servers as they need to meet demand, then merge them as demand wanes. Shocking that the solution could be so simple, no? That way they don't have people rage-quitting over hours long queues and over-population because they listened to the idiot in office that thinks less is more, and they don't end up with a ton of dying servers that are stitched together on CRZ life-support because they listened to the other idiot that designed BFA'S weird !@# half-integrated semi-megaserver system.

Kinda funny to me how much of this game Blizzard's development team eagerly take a meat cleaver to and butcher to pieces, but for some strange reason they refuse to make the one cut That would be most beneficial - server bloat from when the game was good enough to require several hundred together support it's user base. KISS - keep it simple, stupid.
There are problems with merging servers (name overlap and mandatory name changes, combining RP and non-RP servers, etc.) and you can see a lot of those if you look at games that have done it (see Everquest for example). I agree that those issues pale in comparison to the issues experienced if you don't merge but it's not a perfect solution.
I hope they do not allow faction / name / race changes on classic realms. That alone should help the community.

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