Changes vs. No changes.

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its not changes vs no changes. its blizzards game and they will do what is best for it.
Wouldn’t be an accurate picture. There’s a fair number of trolls, as well as people who are bitter that they no longer get to snear at people who want classic and smugly declare “wall of no” while appealing to the authority figure of Blizzard.

They want classic to fail just to spite people who want it so they’ll ask for changes because they know that if Blizzard changes it, it’ll fail. Then they can be like “see we told you that you didn’t really want classic” etc...
10/26/2018 10:38 PMPosted by Twiinkedd
#nochanges already lost. Blizzard is hell bent on modernizing so as to pull in the largest number of subs.

This isn't a zero-sum situation. Real life doesn't play out like (current) politics and sports. Everybody kind of won here, so far. You wouldn't know that from reading this board though, because people would rather be 100% right than be happy, or they think the two need to be mutually inclusive.

Class balance probably isn't something Blizzard wants to delve into, because a lot of the class issues are actually related to itemization, and then they get into scenarios like needing to rebalance entire sets of gear. That opens up a can of worms that's a potential major headache for them.

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