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The Relinquished is a guild for Adults. Most of us have outside responsibilities such as Kids and/or School

We are a group of mostly skilled players with a great amount of experience. Most of us having been long term B-tab friends who became sick of the PUG world or elitist guild mentality and formed “The Relinquished”. The guild has been a home for those of us that enjoy raiding and dungeoning with a mature group of adults (though, not the jokes) but will a lot less pressure.

We raid 2-3 times a week with a goal fo AOTC and Mythic when/if our roster can support it.
We do Mythic+ keys ranging from 2-10’s with a health mix in there, gearing alts and getting +10s for the weekly chest.

Currently our guild is looking to bolster its ranks. We would love to see more healers, Off spec tanks and ranged DPS (Warlocks are a plus)

Of course any wandering soul looking for a good home with good kind people and a motivation to clear Heroic raiding content are welcome.
DanielMoore#1821 is my bnet or DanielMoore#0248 is my discord.
Verj#7853 is our officer's discord TheVerj#1182 is his bnet
Katrinn#2514 is our GM's discord.
Flameboyxp#1559 is our GM's husband and officer.

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