[H] <Exodus> Est. 2006 LF RANGE DPS 4/8M

Guild Recruitment
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I actually don't know that one.
Odd groups got left, even groups got right
That means 1, 3, 5, 7 left
2, 4, 6, 8 right.
7 and 8 are whelp groups
RIP Stan Lee
As one of the original founding father members of Exodus and former long time MT, there is nothing I can really say here without sounding offensive to someone in this soi boi generation.

Ranged DPS, bring your A game and beat me in the WCL parses of this guild. Try not to hate yourself or this server too much.

Bet you won't fight me naked though.
also LF sugar momma that's into grown men dressing up as a baby
always 2 worms per cracker
unless you prefer 3 worms
not bumping this
Bump it and like it
form btw that was the cheat code for mortal kombat 2 on snes
then you can get 3 worms
Oh I was not aware of that one, Rev.
Up we go

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