[H] <Exodus> Est. 2006 LF RANGE DPS 4/8M

Guild Recruitment
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Work, work
Me not that kind of orc
Need moar ranges dps
up we go
Welcome my son
Welcome to the machine
Join us
Try harder.
I smack around Moon Guard alliance more than anyone else btw.

Also, no keyboard turners or clickers please its 2018. Idk why its not in our application process, but I should feel like this is a given. If you still have your 's' key back for RP walking backpedaling and/or keyboard turn/mouse click anything because you can't press more than 1-5 for your rotation, you probably shouldn't be progressive raiding.
wtb hunters and mages and stuff.
murloc transmog is best hunter transmog
Goodnight, folks

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