Legionnaire's xmog bug!

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So basically only in worgen form and only with legionnaire's xmog my boots are looking pretty weird. Please look at the image. Also my armory has the same problem.


P.S. hope I used tinypic correctly.
Yeah, somethings definitely wrong, dont think youre supposed to have armour hanging off your foot
My warrior has the same problem. (Luckily, I mogged them, but before I could do that it was horrific.)

It's a problem for, as far as I know, Worgen only. (Both genders, tho.) Strange...
Looks like the pinning point for the foot adornment is improperly set on Worgen models. I take it this is the first boot that has the extra meshes for worgens? Does a similar problem occur for the Chosen Dead set from Trial of Valor?

Whoever's in charge of animating the models will have to go in and correct where those meshes are supposed to attach, or remove them. Preferably the former, because it's nice to be able to cover the feet sometimes.
It's been like that for over a month now, maybe more. It is not a serious problem, but I thought I should still notify blizzard about it. I just hope they will see this post. Since the forums are so freakishly toxic lately, I feel like they are too afraid to even come here. I feel sorry for them.
It shouldn't be to hard to fix the boots. They are similar to TOS pally boots that also cover your feet up a bit and those seem to fit fine.
I remember this being an issue before for Worgen, but for the life of me I can't remember what set it was that did it, but I think it was back in Cata or MoP.
When WoD released the bottom half of my argent crusaders tabard was upside down for a long while, drove me nuts.
To be fair, this is a minor issue compared with some problems Worgen had at their launch. I am especially reminded of the rather astounding problem with Bloodscale and similar armors back in Cataclysm.

A month or so after Cata was released, a number of fans of the Armorkini were taken aback to discover that the leggings were slightly changed in many sets, causing them to have, apparently, a small amount of extra material added to the inner leg. There were some complaints about this, but it was absolutely essential that this model design was implemented. Because on female Worgen, the previous models had one exceptionally glaring flaw.

They were crotchless.

Seriously. For some reason, the crotch of the "panty" section of the armors vanished, and the "trim" made it seems almost intentional. This became extremely noticeable when the Worgen's most notable racial-- Running Wild-- was triggered, and the player would find him/herself confronted with unintentionally bare Worgen flesh-- or flash?-- shoved directly into their face, or at least the computer screen... which was not, well, acceptable. (Except perhaps on MoonGuard, but...)

Inasmuch as this was a source of considerable complaint-- and in this case damn well justified-- it was fixed rather quickly. It caused some minor quirks on non-Worgen wearing the same, but the alternative-- Mass Worgen Indecent Exposure-- had to be fixed.

So, yeah, the boots look bad. But it could have been much worse... and has.
Great job and pretty fast at work guys! Blizzard fixed it already. Thank you for your time, you are awesome.

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