3/8M Guild Merger

<BibleBlack> is a 3/8M guild looking for another guild at least 8/8H to merge into us. We started off as a semi-casual raiding guild and noticed that half our raid wanted to continue progressing harder than the other half. Therefore, we're looking to recruit another guild in order to build two mythic raid groups (one for more serious progression and another for alts/casual raiders).

Our raid schedule is currently 6-9pst Tues,Weds (open for discussion).

Our guild currently has ~20 players for Mythic raiding, but players don't always show up and a few are not Mythic ready. Ideally, we want our main group to have roughly ~25 core raiders.

add wewehead#1412 to talk more!
Hey, we might be a perfect match. Can we chat in-game?
So we are 3/8 and have too many mythic raiders and are looking to complete a second group. I would say we have about 32 on for mythic raids every week. Would YOU be interested in joining our guild and running a second group on your raid time? Our group runs mon tues weds 5-8 pm server. We do heroic on saturday and normal on sunday.

Hit me up nursy#1406
I'm not interested in merging but I'm interested in possibly coordinating with another guild around the holidays coming up to make sure we have 20 to raid mythic. We're also 3/8M with 3% wipes on Vectis, so probably 4/8M next week...

Guild is <Accelerate> my btag is Mariame#1624 if you have interest in working together over the holiday season.
We have started a community for those reasons. We also are recruiting but the community is for players/ guilds who dont have enough people on and they can grab from the community and not pug and get someone or many players who just aren't good. We are 2/8m.

Fuzzybiscuits#1273 is my bnet hit me up if you want to chat.

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