What are you doing in wow?

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Rn i'm leveling my new balance druid, she is level 18 and while at Darnassus might as well get to exalted for heritage armor when it comes out
I'm Quitting and I'm leveling Mistweaver.

It's a lot of fun so far.

Also, working toward Heritage Armor.
AFK in Daz.. just did a mog run for an axe in BRF on mythic
I'm getting on to do island expeditions and farm old content for mogs, then immediately AFKing instead and getting on the forums.
Most of my time is now reading and posting in the forums.

Then I maybe play a bit, for the daily emissary.

Then I maybe go and play my "Cowboy Land Simulator", Red Dead Redemption 2 on the Xbox One.
Just exalted proudmoore and tortollan reps, storms wake and champions are almost full.
I'm been creating and organizing my "farmy" of alts.

My goal is a set of max-level toons that covers every role, armor, profession, and weapon type... as well as 2 other max-level priests. It takes a while to build all that, kit everyone out with the right stuff, etc.
running 20 alts vs HH to level them up and get decent rings
Collecting dust more or less.

I have no desire to raid in the boring slog that is Uldir.

I have no desire to grind AP and get random 5ilvl upgrades on gear.

I have no desire to PvP.

I dont even have the desire to do transmog runs or mount farm.

I'm just glad other games are holding my interest atm.
Unsubbing until they fix classes and levelling. Will check back each month for status of updates. Been here since BC, but never seen classes this bad. Would love to come back if things change.
Leveling a human pally.
Gah... If I could be on right now, I'd be doing some WPvP or crazy PvP shenanigans, such as running around in a disc priest squad ganking people, (yes, I do this often. Me and 4 other disc priests will run around doing WQs ganking) but currently I'm just reading the forums, watching YouTube, and drinking some warm green tea...

I haven't been able to get on because I'm away from home currently... Have to focus on career future :p
Login tues weds thurs at 12AM and raid for 3 hours, login on sunday and do transmog runs in all raids. Maybe do a +10 if i feel like it.
endlessly beating up attunemen for his dumb horse, and endlessly running the first half of ToT and most of mogu'shan vaults for those mounts

and binge-watching kitchen nightmares
Rerolled this guy. Lagging behind because I usually do random BGs while leveling but didn’t much on him. Missed out on what is essentially free xp. Oh well.
I do the mission table on my phone for rep. Why bother doing actual world quests? It's not worth my time.

I'm currently leveling a HM Tauren shaman for the heritage armor. Yep, a broken ele shaman. Still more rewarding that BfA content at max level.
I started a Mag'har Priest on Barthilas but I haven't found the motivation to log in since attending PAX AU last weekend.
Playing through Draenor.

Not joking. Taking a boosted character that never did it and playing through the quest lines, despite it being my only 120.

That's how uninvolved I am in BfA, and how much I enjoy WoD.

That and my sub runs out in 3 days, so no big loss.
Grinding panda rep since their mounts are infinitely better looking than anything in BfA.

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