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Hey all. Fairly new monk healer here. And was just curious what the better 2's partners are for monk healers currently. I'm running with a survival hunter and frankly we are some 1400 try hards. We both have quite a few alts and comps available. But seem to be having the most success with this. If success is what you would call it

In summary. What dps are you fellow monks climbing with. And tips to help surviving stun heavy comps. Or the plague on the ladder that is rogue preist. We are finally climbing slightly. But could always use helpful feedback. Thanks !
Demon Hunter, Warrior, Survival are what I typically see above 2k that Mistweavers pair themselves with. I've seen enhancement Shamans now and again, I play Windwalker myself with a Mistweaver, and I've queued into one Unholy DK with a Mistweaver. Way of The Crane is really versatile and honestly in 2s you can pair up with most things if your comfortable enough playing into other comps with your main classes.

Unfortunately I can't give you much advice on how to live as mistweaver. I pretty much only play it for M+.
11/05/2018 05:46 AMPosted by Talbyy
Demon Hunter, Warrior, Survival are what I typically see above 2k that Mistweavers pair themselves with.
Odd, every game above 2k I saw had ww mw on one of the teams.
DH, Arms Warrior, and Surv Hunter have been pretty good for me.

Anything that has lots of slows and stuns, because you will need it past 1500.

PS I didn't mention rogue, because for me they just die way to quick IMO.
Fury Warrior, Enhance, Arms, DH, Survival. Best partners in that order. Fury/MW is insanely strong right now. Peels are great and Fury self sustain allows you to play SUPER aggressive. The best part being beating rogue/priest 90% of the time easily. The pressure you can rack up in conjunction with crane is nuts. Plus, using ring of peace on priest power word barrier is hilarious and so satisfying. MW / Rogue is ok, but I hate having to be conservative with my incap as not to remove bleeds/poisons.
I tried with Arms, Surv, and DH partners, and found that Surv is probably the best if you can coordinate the CCs.

Trap + Para + LS on healer with Crane burst on the partner is extremely effective if you can pull off the coordination.

War was also pretty good, but didn't do many games with him. Did have like 70%+ victory with him in lower bracket.

DH I didn't get too far with. They do nice burst, but they need to take that ST stun talent so they can mana rift the healers which means they lack the snare to help me kite and aren't very good peelers. Plus, we DR on all our CCs (our stuns DR and my Para DRs with his Imprison)

Almost at 1900 with a Surv partner and I'm not really big on PvP, still learning.

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