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I like these posts. I am enjoying this game.
I've been trying to farm vanilla mogs lately, been fun running around old raids like MC and BWL.

I got the Eye of Sulfuros so I went into BRD on my blacksmith to get the epic hammer pattern for it and ended up derping around in there for about an hour.
Leveling super slow but I'm enjoying my NB priest and plan to make a NB Warr too.

I worked so hard to get the allied race then just kinda slowed down a lot once i leveled to 60.

Oh well!! Everything in moderation and I still love my Nightborne!
Love reading these keep them coming all!
Good morning everyone! Hope everybody has a happy day. :-)
The new Worgen modles look great, I am hoping the male modles will have a non-glow eye option as well
I was very happy to find out that the sharding in Classic WoW is only temporary. My hopes for an authentic Vanilla experience have been restored :)
11/05/2018 05:36 AMPosted by Gnerdie
(puts out a tray of cupcakes for all to enjoy)

/Adds several pies, pizza, and BBQ
Finally got previews for the long waited Worgen and Goblins updates, and I couldn't be happier! Me and all my Worgen alts are gonna look fantastic in the future!

Im almost at exalted with all the BfA reps. And ive also been making lots of money by tapping into the Warfront contribution quest market.

Ive finally started to get into altoholism as well. For most of my time playing, ive only stuck to pretty much 2 classes (both plate melee). But branching out and trying other classes (like ranged) has really been a breath of fresh air.
I'm still in love with myself and just as fabulous as ever, all my Void brothers and sisters are just as beautiful, so life on Azeroth is awesome

Best part is we don't live with Orc's or in caves and huts with spikes coming out of everywhere! and soon we'll put down that dog they call a warchief that should have stayed in the kitchen!

8.2 looks great
I hope everybody is having a beautiful and wonderful day.
Here are a few positive comments about BlizzCon

  • The two cinematics "For Honor" and "Terror of Darkshore" were awesome.
  • I'm hyped for the patches "Tides of Vengeance" and "Rise of Azshara".
  • Can't wait to explore the new landmasses Nazjatar and Mechagon
  • We are getting a roller caster for Darkmoon Faire!!!
  • The new Worgen and Goblin models look great.
  • I really enjoyed the "Immersive Sounds of Azeroth Panel"
  • "The Build a Panel - World Creation in World of Warcraft" was awesome too
  • Awww come on folks don't stop now! Let's get more positive WoW stories from the past, present,and hopes for the future!
    I’m finally getting the hang of subtlety and enjoy it way more than assassination. Can’t wait to gear this guy up and take him into raids.
    I spent the weekend leveling my Alliance druid with a friend. I play boomkin and had to redo my rotation and talents. It felt really good getting them to where I was able to triple my damage.
    The Meat Wagon mount. I need it more than I needed breathing when I was alive. I pre-ordered WC3:Reforged the minute I saw the mount, and I am counting down the days until it's mine.

    Aaaaaaand WC3:Reforged looks pretty cool, too. I'm really looking forward to that.


    Edit: as far as my exploits in WoW are concerned, I'm happy that I'm finally getting Deddard, here, into the beginning levels of "respectable gear". And I absolutely love running around with my guild name.
    Warmode has been a lot more fun than I expected.
    Yet another ridiculously adorable charity pet. I always buy them and I adore how the whole price goes to charity....Blizz does a stellar job with that.
    Night elves in Kul Tiras don't make snotty comments to me about being a demon hunter. Much better than those snooty Kaldorei in Val'sharah.

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