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Hi there

I'm currently 8/8N and 5/8H looking to push content, I am currently on Nagrand and
I can dedicate 1 week day and the rest on the weekend to raiding 100% attendance

Happy to switch to horde if suitable offer is made, I am from WA and I'm available most hours

Thank you

Hey mate, if you're still looking for a raid team, my guild is 3/8M on Barthilas-Horde, however we also have a Heroic team that is 8/8H and just full clears heroic each week, as well as clearing 2/8M via a guild open run that i run. they raid mon/wed 8.30-10.30pm server time. if you're interested, my btag is Sovereigne#11990, add me and we can talk further :)
The Last Watch | 4/8M | We're Recruiting 1x Range (Pref Warlock) for Fetid Prog. High demand on Tank and Healers for M+++ (Provide Logs.) Wed|Thurs|Monday 8-11 pm SvT All Solid Casual Raiders Are considered for M++ and Heroic 8/8H run :) Btag : Sslayy#1148
Hey Eille,

We are 2/8M 8/8H on Horde Jubei'thos. We Raid Wed/Sun 8pm - 11pm.

We are looking for a Heals/DPS to fill the 5th Healer role, i.e.: Heal on 5-heal fights (and prog) and DPS on the others.

Would that be something you'd be interested in? Hit me up on the btag below if you would like to have a chat about it all!

Hey Eille,

We are always after good people and people willing to improve. We are currently in Alliance nagrand so no need for you to move =)

If you interested I've link our guild recruitment link


Also if you have any question feel free to add me on bnet

Hey Ellie!
<Erudite> 8/8N 7/8H (Nagrand/Cael Horde) are seeking experienced players for raid progression and Mythic + Dungeons. Our raid times are Wed/Sun 9:30-11:30 SvT. We are a good bunch of people who sometimes get bit rowdy and have a good sense of bants, so we ask to keep an open mind. During raid flasks/pots/feasts may be distributed, but we also ask that you bring your own. If your interested give an officer a buzz.
Afternoon !

[A] <Wipe It Up> Saurfang (2/8M) -

We are recruiting for both of the raid teams in our guild currently! (Both teams do their best to not live up to our guild name)
We pride ourselves on having a very open social atmosphere in our guild with a lot of casual players and raiders, we like to create a guild vibe that you want to log into to play the game not just raid


[Raid Times]
Weekend Team - Saturday/Sunday [7PM - 10PM AEST]
Midweek Team - Wednesday/Thursday [8PM-11PM AEST]


[Currently Recruiting]

Weekend Team Recruiting -
- Ranged DPS
- Melee DPS
- Heals (Disc Priest pref)

Midweek Team Recruiting -
Melee DPS
Ranged DPS
Healers (Disc priest, Shaman, Paladin)


Complete with our Monday night Social raid night where we open the night up to social players to get their clear of Uldir on normal difficulty without the commitment to a raid team.

I've thrown the link to our recruitment thread at the bottom! Please let me know if you want any more information! Mine can be found at the bottom!

Look forward to chatting with you! Live long and prosper!


Contact Me if you have any questions or would like to join!
My btag! purplenub#6756
My discord Derankaix#3574
Derankaix/Amoraix in game! :)
Hi Ellie,

We raid on Sundays (also optional Mondays when the raid is new) and aim for clearing heroic content.

At the moment we are at 6/8H with prog on Mythrax into his last phase. I am looking to find more like minded people to join us.

Our raids in WA time are:
Sunday 4-7pm
Monday 6-8pm

We are Horde on Saurfang so there would be a faction/server change involved, but if this interests you let me know. Skathlok#6824

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