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Portal, levitate, vanish/stealth
People keep saying portals, but the way mage portals work in the game is they all go to one specific city. One specific city in WoW, you'd be stuck in WoW with 3 spells, one of which being a teleport.
1. Moonfire
2. Moonfire
3. Moonfire

Everything must be moonfired.
Meteor.....Just Meteor three times.
Mind Control
11/07/2018 07:43 PMPosted by Mortis
Summon Succubus for entertainment.

Dammit! I forgot about the Succubus! That's the most useful of them all!!!1!!!!1!!!!
Heal, Cleanse, and Teleport.

Heal lets me cure people of their injuries, prioritizing those that really need it (e.g. someone that doctors can't help).
Cleanse ties into the above, but focused on disease and illness.
Teleport allows me to be anywhere at any time (with minimal effort on my part). ASSUMING, of course, that it would let me travel to real world locations of my choosing rather than demand I pick a location in World of Warcraft.

If I was allowed a fourth, I'd likely go with Summon Shivarra, for admittedly selfish reasons.
conjure refreshment table: free food and drink for the rest of your life

cleanse: cure any disease from anyone. seems good.

polymorph: force a little humility on those people who REALLY need it.
hmm... now that i think about it more i change my mind!

Portals, to reach anywhere instantly

Army of the dead, to issue a zombie apocalypse

Soulstone, for eternal reign over my new undead empire
mass resurrection.

an immortal with the ability to teleport and resurrect the dead.
wolf form
11/07/2018 07:41 PMPosted by Nobody

What else do you need?

Stealth most likely ;)

Mine would be Portal - Free transport for myself and others would be amazing. Practical applications for business would mean you would have a very easy life.

Flight Form - Absolute freedom in the places you travel to, also easy to avoid traffic. (lets face it, portals are limiting to major places if we keep similar restrictions to in-game)

Third would be Divine Shield - Full immunity for 8s would be great in itself. Coupled with the fact that it cures you of any current ailment makes this amazing for self preservation. You can't die of natural causes when you can just cleanse them all at first application.

If I could have a fourth it would be Cleanse, Heal, or Fireball - The first two for the benefit they could bring to the world, Fireball because I have always thought it would be amazing to be able to conjure fire, you know just as a cool party trick.

Reasoning for not choosing Cleanse in my top three like alot of people have done is simply that for real world applications I'm not sure that it counts. It cures Diseases and Poisons in specific which is very helpful, however most major ailments I don't believe come under this category. Things like Cancer, Mental Disorders, Altzheimer's, and Cerebral Palsy etc Ie cronical/genetic illnesses I don't really feel come under the same classification as WoW's Disease type.

If we included Cronic Illnesses within the category of being curable by Cleanse then this would replace my third option.
11/07/2018 10:53 PMPosted by Greenegg
mass resurrection.

an immortal with the ability to teleport and resurrect the dead.

Soulstone doesn't make you immortal (by technicality), as immortality is known as being exempt from death.
It does however grant you infinite lives should you be able to use it before death.

Death will still be a very painful process for you, just letting you know.
Stealth or invis- I'll take either

Mind control- yyyeeeaaaa

Portal - for ease of travelling
Waterwalking so I can pretend I’m the second coming of the J-man

Conjure food so I can replicate that whole fish/bread thing

Mind control so I can collect tithes from my loyal followers and make them think theyre doing it just to be nice
divine steed, for the lols
greater blessing of kings or one of those, to be stronger
aimed shot, for umm... i dunno man
Mind control

Promise I what abuse it to much
<span class="truncated">...</span>
Technically, for Soulstone, it wouldn't make you necessarily immortal. While it's true you'd always resurrect upon death every time you cast it, it wouldn't change your age. You'd resurrect at the same age, correct? You'd eventually die from old age...

I think the same would apply with any resurrect spells. Right?

The way soulstone works is that it binds your soul to an object, so your soul can't pass on to the afterlife.

So even if I get really old I'll never die because my soul is stuck here.

That is not how it works at all. Jubeka died, but we put together her soulstone and restored her soul to her body. A soulstone is like a horcrux or w/e for the most part. Your body can die and your soul will sit in a stone for all eternity till someone else knows what to do with it.

The only way to be immortal in wow is use whatever spell the mages of tirisfal did when they protected the world for 300 years, for known spells. One person with so much magic able to cast such a spell.
For the people choosing teleport or portals, wouldn't you be going to Stormwind, Orgrimmar, etc.? Which don't exist in real life; therefore, would the ability fizzle out?

Just wondering.

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