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1. Swift flight form - eagle
2. Reincarnation
3. Stealth

If I could have all the portal spells that would be #1
-Portal to work
-Portal to home
-Portal to tropical island
-Portals to cities
11/08/2018 12:14 AMPosted by Raogrimm
For the people choosing teleport or portals, wouldn't you be going to Stormwind, Orgrimmar, etc.? Which don't exist in real life; therefore, would the ability fizzle out?

Just wondering.

While portals are singular spells in wow, the ability to portal is not actually limited to anywhere.
Holy Shock - it can be used both to harm and heal
Cleanse - cure diseases and poisons
Portal - travel option for myself and others
/Basic Campfire
/Holy Shock

You'll catch on eventually.
Flight Form, Aquatic Form, Two Forms. Being able to just frick right off and go wherever the hell I feel like on a whim sounds awesome.

Maybe don't do that around rural America though? You'll get shot. Quickly.
11/07/2018 07:35 PMPosted by Swiftraven
reincarnation so i can never die.

soulstone or revive battle pets so my pets can never die.

11/07/2018 07:52 PMPosted by Kiekö
Cleanse - Cure everyone afflicted of cancer, and other non-discriminatory diseases. Life is hard enough as it is.
Stealth, raise dead and mind control. I will stealth and mind control Trump/Kim Jong Un and start World war 3. Then raise dead for zombie apocalypse. Finally, I sit on my throne waiting for random adventurers to come and stop me. If they fail, i'll have the best death knights
Soul Stone
the AoE version of Drain life
Any of the following Hellfire, Rain of Fire, Cataclysm (the version that applies immolate) or summon Infernal/Abyssal
- Portals
-Conjur Refreshment
Fire Blast, Fireball and whatever my phoenix spell is called.
Priests got the best options.

Cure Disease
Mind Control

Resurrection and Cure Disease will make you the most effective doctor in whole known world. Able to bring back the dead even from the most gruesome of fates. And curing diseases otherwise uncurable will make you a pariah. Human psychology will end up with people worshiping you as some divine person.

And if you feel a bit selfish and need to manipulate life to your own benefit. Mind control can get you what you need. Or you can condemn another for your personal gain.
Druid flight form
Mind Control

The tree of humanity must be pruned back for greater strength.
Conjure food and water so that I will never be hungry or thirsty again.

Rez Pet - so that my pet will never die. Cats are forever!

Revive so that I can spend eternity with my cat and be happy ever after.
11/08/2018 04:09 AMPosted by Minniemoose
Revive so that I can spend eternity with my cat and be happy ever after.

So many people have the wrong idea how death works.
I'd want the spells

Conjure Refreshment
BONESTORM!!! , I'm going to Amsterdam
Let's see...

For awesomeness:

BoP - Since I'm the only one with magic, don't need DS. Plus can be used on friendlies.

Travel Form - Since people are lumping portals together, I'm lumping travel forms together. (Suck it nerds, i can fly and be a majestic stag lol)

Either Chain Lightning, because Palpatine. Or Holy Shock, for heals n deeps.

For practicality in my daily life:

Conjure Food - Groceries are mad expensive with 4 kids. (Looking at you, baby formula)

Cleanse - I watched my grandfather wither and die of leukemia in agony, never again.

Word of Glory - This along with the Conjure Food could do so much good in people's lives.

Sure I won't be able to annihilate stuff... But honestly I just wanna help people.
Mind control
Mage portal
Mind control

Same as the mage above me...

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