What made you pick Warlock

Theres a lot of Negativity floating around the warlock forums.
(a lot of it is totally valid) But I was wondering, What made you pick warlock, what made you fall in love with this badass, visually stunning class?

Lets take a moment to remember why we stick by this class that has for a while now, been seemingly forgotten and thrown by the wayside.
This was my first character back in 2007. I liked the idea of affliction (dots and drains) back then. Now, however, I hate affliction. I run it because its the best most of the time (I mostly raid). I much prefer demo and destro though.
I picked this class cause its underappreciated.

We can summon closets for people to join instances easier, give healthstones that are allowed while you can use your own potions without buying extra money, provide gateways on certain areas where groups can be transported to skip cancer mobs that can speed up mythic+ runs, make Ghuun easier for people to drop their balls by providing gates, have pets that can tank, cc, spell interrupts, remove curses for you and have a battle rez to down bosses quicker when someone is down, I consider that a huge bonus even though they have crap dps.

In my opinion, its just these little things that make a difference between completing a dungeon or not.
I start around Oct 2006. One of my Navy buddies at the time played a lock, and he talked me into getting into this game called World of Warcraft (still kinda regret to this day!). His stories about the class made me want to play it, however, at the time i remember that I REALLY wanted to be a Nelf Warlock. Funny to think of now lol - i didn't know better at the time, and had never played any of the RTS's before i got WoW. But then again, i've never really cared much about lore.

I still play because I like to be dark, powerful, and unpredictable.
Having a demon pet, able to deal massive amounts of damage over time by dotting multiple targets, super tanky, juggling health and mana via life tap and drains while literally making stuff run in fear/horror away from me while doing it
Started in 2006 as an Undead Warlock.

Drawn to the edgy demon (Succubus) summoning caster that could wield a sword (wished I could have dual wielded them and been using them for more than just show). Fear, Life Tap, Drain Life/Mana, Summon Succubus, Corruption, Curses, Healthstone, Spellstone, Firestone, and Enslave Demon were the major effects that drew me to the class. I liked the idea of using evil elements to fight evil, of being unafraid to risk the darkness to really change the world for the better. Okay, well I honestly had my own reasons for wanting to control such power as well. More than a few stupid Alliance to track down and cast fear on them for endless hours.
Was the second class I leveled after Paladin back in vanilla/bc.
they are cool
I just love DoTs and damage that slowly withers my target(s) away. Death by a thousand cuts type of thing. Spreading plague/shadow/curses/poison is something I'm drawn to no matter which game I'm playing. I still think Warlocks have one of the strongest class fantasies, as is evident by their gear sets continuously looking great. Shame they've fallen a bit flat in their recent years.
I do a ton of dps through my pet and am masochistic. Except they look life tap away
I think I was just lazy. BC had just come out and my cousin asked me if i wanted to play, I asked what a Warlock does and he told me all their spells are damage over time and your pet takes the damage for you. That sounded pretty great to me for a lazy guy. SL/SL in arena/bg for BC was insane. I had a blast even playing full demonology when it was just the Felguard, and no metamorphosis. He did quite a bit of damage. Full Affliction at the time was nasty as well, you could put unstable affliction, curse of agony, corruption, siphon life and immolate on one target, and boy did they die, even if they killed you, they still died after :D
Liked Demons in WC3, thought it would be cool.
They ruined shadow for me and lock was my next best option as far as casters go. I actually kind of hate pet classes lol but I'm willing to put up with the dumb pets.
Blizzard ruined shadow priest for me too, so this is the closest crap I can get to the old version.
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They ruined shadow for me and lock was my next best option as far as casters go. I actually kind of hate pet classes lol but I'm willing to put up with the dumb pets.

you're very patient, I use GoSac to not do so since pets suddenly die very easily now.
originally i started playing a warlock because i liked the idea of being an immovable unkillable ranged damage dealer.

I read that 1v1 i could stand toe to toe with anyone and just drain them down. They could always run away.. but they wouldn't kill me.

good times
Metamorphosis and an army of demons.

Metamorphosis was one of my favourite playstyles, and the fact that you could summon demons to assist you is really fun too. Makes it feel like you're going to war with an army rather than just soloing everything during questing.

Since we can summon several demons as Demo, all they need to do is give back Meta, and I'd main demo forever.
I like dots, I like pets, I like being evil, and I like being tanky

I feel great in PvE, but we're missing one of the above in PvP.

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