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11/10/2018 11:59 PMPosted by Pirofaeren
I explained this in another thread if I recall but I would love to see this occurring in game:

Gnome: I want to be a Druid because I was raised in Darnassus!

Night elf: No.

Gnome: Why not?

Night Elf: Your kind is not allowed to learn our ways.

So, in 2e AD&D halflings cannot be Paladins due to race/class restrictions. In the 2e video game Baldur’s Gate 2 Mazzy wants to be a paladin but she can’t because literally racism.

I would love to see that night elf from the priest order hall be told no when she tried to become a paladin. But no! We now have at least 2 confirmed night elf paladins. So player characters when?
just no!
11/10/2018 11:41 AMPosted by Xukon
11/10/2018 09:59 AMPosted by Pärker
I care about the lore and I want all races for all classes. It makes more sense to allow that.

You can't do both.

? Yes you can. The races have had cross mixture. Nothing physically stops anyone from being any race and I feel we'd have better lore opportunities without class restrictions since the NPCS and lore characters already don't have class restrictions, it makes zero sense for us to have them as players.
I don’t particularly like the idea of all races being all classes. I doubt blizzard would create druid forms, metamorphosis forms, shaman totems, and paladin mounts for each unique race. Plus could you imagine fat pandaren demon form? Lol that would be funny.

Each race comes from a certain culture and society. Humans are from stormwind. They don’t focus on shaman or Druidic schools of magic. Kul Tiras are humans, but come from a culture that is more into wicker and tidesage magic, thus their class options reflect their society and lore.
Worst idea ever.

If anything, there should be much narrower parameters for class/race combinations. Racials should coincide directly with the class available to that race. Physical limitations should also be a consideration.

Example: Gnomes shouldn't be Warriors or Death Knights. Just painfully stooooopid to imagine a Gnome, already weighed down by his own body weight, or more, in Plate Armor is going to go up against a Tauren. Rogues, Monks and casters only... and maybe a dedicated sub-class like Tinker that only Gobos and Gnomes can be.

Giving all Races all classes is just further homogenization that this game really doesn't need.
Making all classes available for all races not just contradict lore, it contradicts logic. The most obvious would be Night Elves & Tauren being Warlocks given their closeness to nature. Draenei even more given their warlocks have been the universes bad-guys for thousands of years.
11/11/2018 06:30 AMPosted by Nephtis
11/11/2018 04:16 AMPosted by Elae
Well the difficulty is, that unlike in other games, there are special reasons why certain races be certain classes...

The death knight is a classic example of that, see to add the ability to change your class to a death knight they would have to put in a quest where you decide to get yourself killed and raised undead. Now that...wouldn't make sense.

Why would a giant Panda, perfectly content eating bamboo and drinking beer, suddenly decide one day, 'hey being a monk sucks, so I am going to go to the Lich King and get him to kill me and raise me as a death knight to be his servant forever'...

It...doesn't...make...sense. It's the same with Allied Races as well, what reason does a Lightforged Draenei have, what incentive does she have to go knocking on Bolvar's door and ask him politely to raise her as an undead being. You see, none of it makes any sense whatsoever.

actually it does make a lot of sense, lets say there are quests to change your class, all of them are handled as willing conversion except the DK quest, n that quest you are send to investigate a recent undead uprising, after a long chain quest you get to confront a necromancer, maybe Kel'thuzad himself, you charge valiantly but he is too powerful, you die and get raised as a death knight. the knights of the ebon blade come to free you from Kel'thuzad's control and take you under their wing to train you and teach you how to manage the blood thirst a DK have.[/quote]

But you see the problem with that is that you get stuck as death knight forever
i just want ....

Gnome Druids.

just think of the forms.

twig form anyone?

bear cub?


goldfish form?

ya i want gnome druids sooooooooo bad.
Lore is important BUT there has been so much interaction that it makes no sense for race to stop you from a class. Every race should be capable of learning a thing unless there was a genetic reason they were somehow just too stupid in a certain department.

It would be an opportunity to add in some stuff like an outcast system. If you choose a class that your people wouldn't normally approve of or have an affinity for npcs of that race might react a bit differently to you. Maybe some will refuse to buy your stuff or charge you extra for repairs or something until you gain enough rep with the race. Maybe they react suspiciously towards you or act with contempt and maybe rebellious ones among that race will actually treat you better! It would make for interesting rp without lore limiting a thing that is learnable.

That is the issue, our classes are learnable so while lore might have reason for it just not being a thing they would naturally aspire to it shouldn't be a reason they have no ability to learn a thing.

If it were based off stupidity, alliance wouldn’t have any classes.
Who cares about all races all classes.

I want lore.

And less Paladins.

And no blood elves.

And a very nice sandwich.
Unless there is a strong lore reason why a race should not be able to learn or wield the ways of a certain class, all races should have access to all classes.

All the different races have been intermingling for years - for the Alliance, decades, and for the Horde at least 8. Plenty of time for their members to teach each other. I've seen nothing that indicates that a Gnome is incapable of learning how to be a Paladin from a Dwarf, nor have I seen anything that suggests that Orcs could not be taught to embrace nature and the ways of a Druid by the Tauren.

Allowing all races to be all classes would not restrict the lore, as some bizarrely suggest, but would instead provide awesome new opportunities to expand it.
11/10/2018 09:18 PMPosted by Xavierlancas
11/10/2018 11:05 AMPosted by Seyliah
Night elves have been hanging out with Draenei for quite awhile, longer than Pandaren have. So why can't night elves teach draenei how to be druids when pandaren are teaching draenei how to be monks?

because learning martial arts is a lot easier than learning to have an affinity with nature

I know this reply to me is like 3 days old but this is my first time back on the forums since then. Anyway, to address your answer, it's really not.

The Emerald Dream is like the druidic equivalent of Dragon Ball's Hyperbolic Time Chamber. You go in it as a druid, you learn druidism really fast, and we've seen from the Darkspear that a whole race can pick it up incredibly quickly. Worgen had a primitive version of druidism back on Gilneas, but the Darkspear didn't have any sort of druid magic whatsoever, and then that whole stuff with Gonk and Zen'tabra happened and then suddenly they could because it's not something that takes decades of time to pick up. We're talking less than a year between when they first started learning the skill and when they were able to use it to great effect to take their island back.

As for monks, you act like they're JUST martial artists who are punching and kicking and stuff. Monks in WoW can literally punch through stone and steel. Chi is complicated and also a core part of what they do. You're severely overestimating how much time investment it takes to be a good druid, and severely underestimating how much time it takes to become a good monk.
I'm hoping blizzard will do this so I can see the ratio of classes played by humans/elves and then the rest of the races get left in the dust. Wow can finally turn into another asian mmo where everyone plays a bunch of barbie/ken dolls with some vulpera/worgen furries on the side.
11/10/2018 05:13 AMPosted by Rizzaki
Who cares about lore? Listen to your players we want more options

Well people who play fantasy based RPGs tend to care more about lore than anything else.
Yes screw the lore let us play any race as any class it is possible there is a panda DK in WOD and night elf paladins I think in Legion.
11/10/2018 08:10 AMPosted by Whinah
No, because then everyone would just play the Barbie doll races.

Those're some strong words coming from the 'Good Guy Doll' race.
Yeah, demon hunters aside I really can't think of a single class/race combination that would really be lore breaking any more.

Even something silly like tauren rogues may sound impossible at first, but then you realize that tauren hunters can stealth anyway.
11/14/2018 04:28 PMPosted by Kenshimoo
Even something silly like tauren rogues may sound impossible at first, but then you realize that tauren hunters can stealth anyway.

Then there's the Grimtotem assassins, who had to learn it at some point presumably. Oh, and the Wilderness Stalkers, from the RPG (yay supporting lore). Oh, and Longwalkers.

There are certainly some class/race combos that may seem weird, but at this point, enough time has passed that it almost seems backwards that more races haven't adapted to incorporate "new" classes. It seems like keeping things static for the sake of ... because.

Also, I really want a Tauren rogue.

Edit: The RPG also has Tauren Ley walkers (mages). The Grimtotem and Bloodtotem have warlocks and sorcerors. Maybe DH's are happy getting more individuals to sacrifice everything, which would cover every class. I'm sure the other races have similar instances of small groups picking up different classes (I'm just a little more familiar with Tauren). So, how exactly would any of this really break lore?
As much as I wanted a Panda druid, I think having some race/class limitations is a good thing. I sort of wish they hadn't expanded the options to begin with.
11/10/2018 05:13 AMPosted by Rizzaki
Who cares about lore? Listen to your players we want more options

Actually by keeping things the way they are they are listening to the majority and not those such as yourself who set yourself up as the spokesperson for all while really representing the few!

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