Blizz has shown their colors this Blizzcon

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11/10/2018 09:56 AMPosted by Hypheria
11/10/2018 09:37 AMPosted by Snowfox
Good god, it's almost like they are a business.

Saying they're a business as cover for any decision made is like saying "Good god, it's almost like they're an army" as justification for why a certain military force killed off an entire civilian population.

No one is contesting that it's a business, bright eyes. I think the point is that they would prefer not to be left behind as Blizzard pursues other markets to tap into and saying "They're a business, bro" is not a justification for bad decisions.
Did you just compare blizzard making a mobile game to genocide? lmao....
blizzard knows they made a huge mistake. stocks are down so far and share holders are upset.
Cool, there's no sign they will be.

The whole "oh no I might get a brother and my parents will send me away" hysteria is just that - hysteria.


It was pretty explicit. DI is mobile only not PC. There are no new PC projects in the pipe. "Other projects" obviously don't include a PC release. If they did, Blizzard would have thrown that bone out there to quiet discord. Didn't happen.

Starcraft = dead
Diablo - gone mobile
HoTS - failed
HS - ported to mobile
OW - esports, anyone?
WoW - a budget shaved mess in decline since after MoP. It is obvious that no major resources are being poured into WoW development. Obvious.

I like it when "facts" are nothing but a list of personal feelings.

Its a clear sign the person is worth ignoring. You can't argue against irrational feelings. Not worth attempting.
Yeah that's true
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11/10/2018 11:51 AMPosted by Josh

That doesn't excuse anti-consumer practices.

Might have to be specific on what those are for that debate.

Microtransactions I would think
an they charged you 10 extra bucks to tell you just that ;)
11/10/2018 10:42 AMPosted by Hypheria
If you want to discuss the first, then yeah - that's hysteria because it's not going to happen.

You know this how? People said Trump would never happen. And yet here we are.

Seemingly unrelated but my point is that only self-assured morons think they know the future. There's been enough data points to make a trend in Blizzard's decision making process here.

With the excessive RNG to increase playtime for the sake of playtime, the venture into mobile gaming, the awe-inspiring arrogance in ignoring player feedback and going ahead with disasterous decisions that they were warned all speaks to a self-assured arrogance and stupidity that doesn't bode well for the future.

At least for WoW anyway.

^That's the point behind the outrage behind Diablo Immortal. No one gives a sh!t about mobile just like gamers never got up in arms about Fallout Shelter (the mobile companion app that came with FO4).

No one cared because people understood Bethesda's business model and where this was all going.

That intent isn't clear with Blizzard. That's why it's not hysteria and that's why you're wrong, Green Text.

Should be noted, there were those who said Trump would happen. There was a guest on Bill Mauher who got laughed at for her prediction of him winning. Same for anyone else who said it.

I didn't think he'd win either. :p Though, I never thought, never say never and all, but what have you.

It does prove your point, that you're right, it could happen that WoW becomes a mobile game, but I'd say it's more likely they would make a Warcraft Mobile game or have someone else make it, using the Warcraft skin, rather than WoW itself becoming a mobile game.

Diablo Immortal doesn't mean the end of Diablo as a PC game. It just means they have a game out there called Diablo that's made for mobile.

That's it. Another platform with the Diablo skin on it. This isn't a bad thing, it just might not be the type of game you yourself will want to play.
maybe business $ and games just dont mix?
Gotta admit it. I was pretty disappointed about Immortals.... Then i saw the announcement that they put their best devs on mobile.

Look, i don't care about them making mobile games. What bothers me is the low quality content we've been getting lately, on top of them announcing they're focusing primarily on mobile now. You know who else made the mistake? Konami. This whole debacle screams Konami. Forget your fans. Forget the people playing now. Let's jump ship and move to mobile.

If they do this wrong, it could seriously damage the companie's image. I really hope the negative reaction from the Diablo game sends a message that the fans DO NOT want this to be the future of BLizz.

Just.... what happened to the Blizzard that was made by PC gamers, for PC gamers?
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11/10/2018 11:22 AMPosted by Andrin
I get that I really do but at the end of the day all mobile gaming ever was, was a way to as someone said it earlier nickel and dime folks to get them buy crap they don't need.

I mean, if we remove 'mobile' from your statement, it's still just as true.

Neither use to be the case. The only reason we get nickel and dimed in today's world, is because we as a consumer base voted with our wallets that micro transactions, bundles, season passes, and damn pre-orders were okay to use.

Once upon a time, game developers were of the mind "in order to make the most money, we need to make the best game". You can still find jewels in dirt, but any more the business model is "how can we make a decent game for most of the money, and lock all the good stuff behind the rest of the money?".

In regards to Diablo Immortal, I think it was a very poor decision to announce a strictly mobile game in front of a pc oriented crowd. They knew exactly what their community wanted, yet they devoted the team to a mobile title, of all things. At bare minimum they should have released a Diablo IV trailer, talked about it, a rough estimate to when it would be released, then switch gears into the Diablo Immortal Trailer. It could have softened the blow that Diablo Immortal would have or even be looked at in a positive light.

Instead the villagers are banging at the gates as Frankenstein tries to protect his monster.
Some great posts itt.

Yep Blizz is definitely losing their touch, well they already have in some ways.

They sold their soul to Activision and the game has been noticeably different since.

I'll still keep subbing, because I am hyped for 8.1 and even more so w/ 8.2 on the horizon, but if after that BfA is still a broken mess of a beta, then I will unsubscribe for another 7 years(I quit since Cata btw, came back for BfA).

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