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Anyone else annoyed when you need to click on a button or something, but there's something like an achievement progress in front? And when you get your cursor over it, the timer resets? You gotta move your mouse away for a few seconds for the achievement to go away before you can click.

It is VERY annoying.
I feel like you had something to say here but didn't quite know how to articulate it.
You can get rid of it faster by right-clicking the pop-ups
Actually, if you right-click those, they disappear instantly.
Me every time I solo a dungeon and single-loot bosses to pick up only the blues/purples. The box pops up and gets in the way to inform me that I received this or that. Look, I KNOW what I just picked up, gtfo out of the way so I can pick up the rest! And then it does it again with the next item. Argh.

Edit after reading the other replies: Huh, I didn't know that about right-clicking. I'll be right-clicking the hell out of them from now on.
re-arrange your UI.
Worst thing ever was in Legion when you were doing PvP, and you prestiged. Instantly your entire screen was covered with large banners and popups. Meanwhile, you're trying to get rid of them while somebody's trying to kill you.

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