Lightning Shield PTR Feedback

-Lightning Shield will no longer generate any bonus Maelstrom when the Lightning Shield overcharges.

Taking a jackhammer to a problem that only needed a chisel.

This talent felt so good, I could either use the extra maelstrom for dmg or healing. It felt great to choose what to spend the extra maelstrom on, and also predict when it would happen.

All that was needed was a reduction in maelstrom, or reduce the rate at which we gain the maelstrom. The trait feels dead without the maelstrom regeneration.
It's almost as if Blizzard put absolutely no work into this class the past 8 months and crapped out this promised """"rework"""" late on a Friday night for a reason.
Yeah, even 50 maelstrom would be nice, or make it 30 stacks. Do some tweaking, not removing. It wasn't as if it made us too powerful down at the bottom. I liked the extra damage aspect of it. Oh well, Henry Rollins, and Maynard James Keenan said it best, "!@#$ adds up at the bottom." Its just a matter of time before it gets high enough to crawl out, I guess. Where we go after that may not please Blizzard, though.
The talent is strong and the others are crap instead of making the others generate more maelstrom or useful in a way just nerf the one that’s good. It’s blizzards way. Like make the lava lash one generate maelstrom when it procs as well and it be somewhat useful
I just tested it with my live build, and I didn't notice any difference. One thing that was different was the WF totem trait that was changed. That could have had a huge bearing on my generation. I don't have addons on the PTR, because I have been on in years, so I don't know the damage change, but the generation still seemed to be the same.

I also tested a few other builds quickly, and I wasn't a fan of the rotations. Addons would help with tracking, so it was a nightmare trying to learn a new rotation while constantly sorting through buffs visually. One thing I did like was seeing lots of 30k MH SS crits with the updated landslide. Maybe my new PvP talent. Overcharge and earthen spike feel cumbersome to try to fit into the rotation, but I'm sure it will be easier if that turns out to be one of the top routes. Totem mastery still did not feel worth it.
They need to make Totem Mastery a half hour or longer buff but keep the visual for flavor. That way you wouldn't have to keep pressing it every couple minutes but you could if you wanted to for RP purposes.

I honestly didn't mind the Nerf to Lightning Shield as it is still a nice flavor talent. The maelstrom was wasted half the time.

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