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BFA Dungeons, Island Expeditions, and Raids
The amount of feedback from the playerbase about expeditions and their features has been massive: dozens and dozens of posts with several pages each, and in return we have had how many blue posts? 2? 3? A seemingly inappropriate low number for the amount of questions raised. Is this feature not going the way you intended? Are you surprised by the playerbase reacting negatively to the horribly low drop rates for the hundreds of unique items only found from islands? Are there any plans to fix some of the more horrendus drop rates and the items that just don't seem to exist at all?

This was supposed to be a major feature of this expansion, and yet you seem to be extremely tight lipped about responding to comments and criticism. We're aware that there is a dubloon vendor coming in 8.1, and it's nice to finally have something worthwhile to spend them on, but something like that should have been in since launch. A good addition would be another vendor to help spawn certain types of mobs or invasions, to help players get those horribly rare mogs/pets/mounts.

When you combine the horribly low drop rate these started with (that some say, with good reason, still continue), the implementation of a currency without anything of value to spend them on, the fact that there are items that still have never been seen to drop once without any explanation, and the low amount of responses, it feels like Island Expeditions were launched only half done, then forgotten about, and now you're panicking because the playerbase has question and you don't have answers. We'd like some answers Blizzard. Please.
From my own experience, out of 100 test items, only 21 rewarded loot that wasn't a dubloon bag. But if you take out duplicate drops, it goes down to 16. I noticed periods where I would get items 2-3 islands in a row, but then go 10+ with no drops.

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