Game loading . . . so frustrateing.

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I am have some serious trouble with game loading. It started a few months back with 5 min loading screens and frequent disconnects making the game totally unplayable. I looked up some online fixes and did those and it did not help much. I did not have a great internet connection from my apartment so I figured that was probably the issue. To fix that I bought a whole new line of internet from xfinity that was what they recommended as "gameing" quality internet just for my computer. WOW still sucks, I am still have huge issues with loading screen times and loading things like monsters, players and effect graphics in game (sometimes they don't even show up for several seconds even at low graphics.) Even after everything I did WOW is still pretty much unplayable. It is worth noting that I have a custom made gaming computer my friend built for me and it runs Guild Wars 2 at full graphics with a Reshade program added to it PERFECTLY. I do not know what is going on with WOW but I cannot keep paying for a game I cannot play and I have no idea how to fix it. If anyone has any Idea why this is happening or what might fix this problem please let me know. I really want to keep my subscription.
Hopefully this gets moved over to Tech Support for you. You'll want to provide some additional details like a pathping to help those in Tech Support see if there's a breakdown somewhere along your connection between your computer and Blizz servers.

The internet is a vast and crazy thing. While some games may work fine, the internet path to them will always be uniquely different than the path to WoW.

Hopefully they can lend you a hand. You might also want to consider a direct ticket to Tech Support:

Personally, I'd recommend the Live Chat option.

Edit: And here it is already moved for you to TS :)
I noticed my game bogging down when loading, sometimes freezing. Had to do a full UI reset to clear the settings.

Now to track down the miscreant addon causing the issues.
Thank you guys for the help. I will deffinitaly contact live support. I acutally dont have any addons active on my account *gasp* so i dont think thats the issue.
I am pretty horrible at computers unfortunately. So anything the tech support people need from my end they are gonna have to walk me through . . . Its gonna be a rough day for one of them lol.
11/14/2018 11:57 AMPosted by Webweaver
I acutally dont have any addons active on my account *gasp* so i dont think thats the issue.
Still, a glitchy UI can do a lot of stuff. It's always wise to at least try a full UI reset to rule out that.
California wild fires are still on going so this might be affecting ISPs forcing them to take other longer routes.
@Thundertotem: i will deffinitaly give it shot wont hurt nothing.

Iv been trying to log into the game i get to the character screen fine. When i try to enter the world it gets to about 70ish percent and just straight up stops.
I did reset the UI and was able to get into the game other than that all the same problems.
Hey Webweaver,

Stuff like this can happen for a few different reasons so we should gather some more info to narrow this down.

When you are in-game, are you seeing specific latency numbers? You can check by hovering over the red question mark on the bottom right of the action bar.

Also include a MTR while playing. To do this, download WinMTR and type in the "Host" field. Click start, then play for about 20 minutes after you get issues, then click on "Copy text to clipboard" and paste the results here.
Okay when I get home I will do that.

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