Mythic+ key wasted on pug leaver

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I used my 10 kings rest key on a pug group with a friend that is a prot warrior. After we killed the first boss our disc priest healer left because the warrior tank keeps firing to damage because warriors are obviously underfunded. The dungeon instantly becomes undoable because we can't invite other to finish the dungeon. I've spent the last 2 expansions coming back to the game at launch maining an elemental shaman doing fine dps until everyone gets gear then all of a sudden I am unable to keep up with people with similar gear who do way more dps as pure dps classes. I cannot honestly continue to spend my free time playing this game. I would suggest that keys have plateaus at +5/+10/+15 so that my hard earned key from completing an 11 the previous week does not get instantly wasted because I decided to give the community another chance. I understand there is nothing preventing the group from falling apart the second I put my key in, but c'mon Blizzard I have literally had my alt warrior nerfed from the minute it hit 120, and I only leveled it to pass the time until the ele buffs come in. I know I'm the 1% who is actually getting !@#$ on by balance changes, I have even had to resort to playing enhance. Imagine how bad it would feel to load up a God of war game and have to play as a normal human for 6 months before you can play the actual game. That's how I feel, and unless things change when my 6 month sub runs out I will not put a cent into any blizzard games.(including Hearthstone where there hasnt been anyone on my friends list log onto that game in months.)

A loyal customer who just wants to be able to play a game with friends.
I would suggest that...

Unfortunately, the CS forums are not a feedback avenue. You'll want to post in the Dungeons and raids forum (unless this happens to get moved there).

As for Warrior feedback, that would belong in the Warrior forums. Instead of just complaining that you think they were nerfed, provide some details and numbers to backup your suggestion on what you think should be changed.
Unfortunately I've wasted months playing this expansion, as a customer with multiple complaints that have been posted about in the forums(leading to buffs in 8.1) Blizzard has done me a disservice up to this point. In each forum you mentioned there are plenty examples of what I speak about in my post, seeing as there is a combination of already posted about issues the combination has lead to baseline customer service issue impacting my(and other posts well documented in their respective forums) experience with the games production and upkeep relating to the current player base.(of which I am still currently apart of albeit due to a prepaid 6 month subscription i made knowing that the game would not be perfect, but was not expecting it to be barely playable at the level i am accustomed to from the game in the past.)

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