<Knights Elite> 6/8N RECRUITING

Dawnbringer and Madoran
Hey all,

We are currently recruiting skilled players for our core raid team. We raid Wed & Sat @ 7PM server time. Next week we plan to start heroics so experience in Uldir is required.

We are looking for mostly dps & heals, preferably a warlock, priest, monk, or dk. Discord & DBM is a requirement for raiding.

Knights Elite is a semi-hardcore guild with a great group of players that wants to progress through raids while having fun at it.

Send an in-game message to one of our members or message me for more information.

Thanks for reading! :)
You can also message Forsaken#11483.

Our core raiders are now 8/8N and 3/8H, with some as high as 7/8H.

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