Fire Now Best Raid Spec And Above Average M+

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See, this is what confuses me. I see guides recommending the above talents (Notably Searing Touch and Meteor), but when I sim those talent options they end up being lower compared to Firestarter/Pyroclasm for myself. Granted, I'm still sub ilvl 350 (only one clear of normal/LFR Uldir under my belt, just returned to my mage last weekend) so I don't know if I should be ignoring the sims or sticking with them.

There is also the chance that you are doing the sims wrong. Double check to make sure that everything is set to the way it should be in the sim.

Here is a report using your last logged out character data for Fire Talents:

The build I recommended is higher than what yours is set to. The median of the dps distribution of the ST / Meteor build is near the top max end of the FS / Pyroclasm build.

I'm relatively new to raidbots so I have to admit I have no idea why your numbers are different than mine:


Edit: JK, I see you're using RoP over Incanter's Flow. That's probably what the difference is. I'm rusty on RoP and I'd probably need to create a cast sequence macro with it and Combustion to really work it right.
You basically just use it after your prepull cast then RoP -> Fireball -> Meteor -> Combustion rotation. Then every time after that you just use it with a meteor while saving up 1 RoP for a meteor Combustion combo.
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You basically just use it after your prepull cast then RoP -> Fireball -> Meteor -> Combustion rotation. Then every time after that you just use it with a meteor while saving up 1 RoP for a meteor Combustion combo.

That's a good point. It's a bit simpler than legion with the shorter Combustion window and no Phoenix Flames. I'll have to try it out later tonight, though I suspect Firestarter is probably easier for WQs.
10/09/2018 02:40 PMPosted by Vaelistrasz
RoP -> Fireball -> Meteor -> Combustion rotation

It's Pre-cast > RoP > Meteor > Combustion+Scorch+Racials/Trinkets+FireBlast > Rotate
My B, brain was still stuck on Legion where you wanted the precast spell to land the same time as Combustion. Thanks for the correction.
I really wanna try fire but sims tell me it's still less dps than frost by a non-marginal amount. Maybe I'll be able to do it after more gear.
Tried fire spec on heroic Taloc last night.

Confirmed that yes... I still suck with fire. I did quite a bit worse than I'd have done with arcane. I suspect due to lack of skill with the spec. It might also not have helped that all 3 azerite pieces I was using had generic non-fire-specific traits on them.
Don't expect it to last, Fire never gets more than it's 5mins of fame.
Fire is just fun to play, and the mobility is great.
Holding my own with frost/arc with similar ilvl, so happier
I rolled mage for BFA so I’m a total noob and I have a few questions for fire:

What is the stat priority? I thought it was Crit but I’m seeing that Crit isn’t the best now? There’s conflicting information out there.

What’s the aoe rotation?

Azerite traits?

Thanks y’all
It's still trash compared to frost in high m+.
Heroic parses also don't really matter if you're trying to find out if fire is where it needs to be in order to be competitive.
I'm baffled that I sim 14% higher as arcane compared to frost in hectic/add cleave fights. I ran a waycrest +7 today as arcane for the first time, and did more dps than with frost.
Fire was so bad on G'Huun last night that I had to go back to frost.
I'm officially unsure what spec to main.

Arcane: I find it very boring but it does good ST damage in raiding. M+ not a fan of it with the reduced range of arcane explosion and the azerite traits that help m+ being pretty RNG based.

Frost: I find it the most enjoyable of the three specs but in raiding I'm doing crap damage with it. Only fights I can even be worth having in the group is on hardcore AoE fights and where there's semi-consistent cleaving. M+ not sure what i'm doing wrong but I don't seem to be doing this Godlike M+ damage frost mages are supposed to be doing .... though I suspect I'm missing out on shattering a fair bit as i'm not used to the pet freeze (I ran lonely winter in Legion faithfully).

Fire: Just tried it yesterday and man it hits hard for the WQ's I did. Fast gameplay, lots of mobility .... just never considered it for my main spec but it had more gameplay than Arcane offers right now. Just so new to it (only played around with it casually in Legion) but I assume it's ok to take Pyroclasm for ST raid fights and for AOE it's all about the flamestrike/flame patches?

I'd like to THINK arcane will get some work done to it for 8.1 but it's never been mentioned and I think they're going to leave it as is (simplistic but effective). I just need a bit more to my gameplay than one button spam.

Maybe Fire for raids and Frost for M+ (and work on my shattering)? Not settling on one spec is actually making me less interested in playing my mage and thinking maybe my druid will become my main.
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In the past week, Fire has been the top performing spec in Uldir Heroic. They are also now above average in mythic +. I was very shocked when I pulled this up today. I’ll switch to fire for my heroic Uldir run tonight.

Still sad to see how Rogue has all 3 specs above the highest mage spec and that mage is still middle and lower middle of the pack with frost bottom 3 (where Arcane was all last expansion. bottom 3 or dead last). I love playing arcane and that is why the past couple of expansions I stopped doing Mythic. I prefer playing arcane so I joined a heroic raiding guild where they don't care what spec you play since we can clear heroic while content is current.

I don't know why, but I don't like playing fire. I don't mind frost but I never liked the whole combustion thing awhile back which is what drove me away. I know it is has changed since then but still not my cup o tea.
Fire sims higher than frost for me. Patchwork obviously. Arcane hands down is better for ST, sims almost 2k higher. I play all 3 specs in Uldir, infact fire for mythic Mother is very good.
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Fire was so bad on G'Huun last night that I had to go back to frost.

It's the best spec for G'Huun, permanent movement during the last phase to avoid the explosions and scorch execute. Most of the mythic kills have fire mages in there for scorch execute.
Fire on patchwork sims higher for me now lol I played fire the entire legion expansion, loved the playstyle. Glad is making its way back to raiding scene. Started off raid progression with frost and now gonna switch back to fire. But for m+ though higher keys I still prefer frost.
So I got a question for you guys. Meteor just kind of feels like a dead spot in my single target rotation having to manually target it. I definitely lose a few second on it.

Is this the sort of thing that just gets better through repetition and becomes fluid? I'm asking because I really don't like arcane and sanguine isn't terribly frost friendly this week.

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