Guild invite = player not found

Why can I not invite people on from other realms to my guild? I get the message "Player not found" when I try and am chatting with them? I see this is a wide spread problem and not just a ui reset/wtf file etc.... Does anyone have a solution and is Blizz working on fixing this?
You can only invite people from your own realm or connected realm to a guild currently. There is no solution or anything, it is not a bug. communities are different however and allows that. *Probably has to do with the rewards / rep / ect in guilds.

Garona is not currently "connected" to any other realm at this time.

For reference - you can see people from other realms because each zone is in a "shard" and when it is filled with people it will start another shard. It's Blizzards way of making the world "feel alive and full of people" for those on less populated realms.

If they have a star * by their name in the UI or is labeled -SERVERNAME in chat they are from a different realm - for example you would see me has Kazecap-Medivh in chat.

A "connected realm" is basically a realm merger but allows people to stay on their own server but otherwise the AH and everything between the two realms are one. This comes with the unique advantage of being able to make toons on both servers and act like if they were on one. (in other words double the character spots for a server)

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