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Quel'dorei and Sen'jin
Villains on Sen'Jin (Horde) is a casual PvE guild looking for DPS to join our progression. We are currently 8/8N and 3/8 heroic. Our raid days are tues/wed at 10p server/8p PST. We are focusing on heroic progression for the remainder of this patch with AOTC as our goal. We are a smaller guild that highly values members who enjoy the game and each others company. During the week we like to run mythic + and other pve content. Add me on bnet ixisharks#1468 or reply here if you have any questions.
Still need DPS for our progression. We are a good group of raiders with RL responsibilities and need more numbers to progress.
You can also add me (MCDPsycho#1551) if Bythane isn't on or available. We need pure DPS moreso than anything else. Hunters and/or Rogues preferable but any decent DPS welcomed.
4/8 Heroic. Help us finish this up!

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