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They designed both cities with flight in mind, more than any other city so far... which is kind of ironic considering how anti-flying they are.

(shrugs and puts out a little tray of cookies for all to enjoy)
10/22/2018 03:02 PMPosted by Raevor
Boralus is awesome in its size. It is awesome in the feeling of different areas with different communities. It is awesome in the oxidizing copper roofs and mixture of shanty-harbor-town and permanent-stone-structures.

But it sucks because the game-loop circle is tiny. You do not venture into other areas.

It sucks because it feels of over-sharding. Where is everybody? It largely empty of other players. Or is it just empty? Or is it because of Warmode? I do not know, but it does not feel populated.

The consequence: I feel like I'm walking in circles all alone, so it doesn't feel massively multiplayer. Or even very multiplayer.

I am sure some people are happy that all of the needful components are packed together so that travel across the city is infrequent. Maybe all it needs are a bunch of better urban world quests and a little less sharding.

When you don't know what else to QQ about just pick some random thing.

do you mean that all of boralus is empty

or just the parts outside of the main area

because even with war mode on there are plenty of people on my shard
Because Blizzard hates you.
Blizz shouldn’t let people choose Gonk. It’s like a mean spirited, passive/aggressive troll.

Zul’dazar with Pa'ku: fast, fun, visually awesome
Zul’dazar with Gonk: like Vashj’ir before you get the seahorse
10/22/2018 03:11 PMPosted by Haunter
10/22/2018 03:10 PMPosted by Voltagè
But have you been to the crazy cat lady's house?

I need to know where this is

I found this comment over on Wowhead, it should help you:
Her house is in Upton Borough in Boralus, at approximately 54.0-70.5. For those without coords, take the "Unity Square" as a reference on the map, and a little above it there is a group of three big green squares representing houses, she is in the right one, above the "I" in Unity. The house is fancy and has a big stairway at the entrance, and a Boralus Guard just outside.

EDIT: her name (the NPC) is Catherine Morgan.
Why does the puppy petting shop have to be so far away in boralis..
the world design looks really cool, but is redonk aggravating to actually travel through

why was it necessary to make it so annoying to get from place to place? Just weird unnecessary roadblocks to force longer travel

man do I miss flying
Yeah we are all at one corner of the city

I guess its because of no flying
10/22/2018 08:20 PMPosted by Tinreaper
Why does the puppy petting shop have to be so far away in boralis..

I love the pupper house. Sometimes I'll just go in there and spend time petting the puppers. I wonder if there's an achievement if you pet a lot of puppers.
My server is dead, so the 20-30 people that show up really are it. When I get on Stormrage, there's so many people you wish it would shard.

Edit: I recently leveled a horde to 120 and can confirm they have it so ungodly bad. I didn't even know where to train my professions or transmog until well after hitting 120. I still don't know where the weekly turtle quest is.
Boralus is a million times better than Zandalar.

It's the only perk of playing Alliance.
10/22/2018 04:17 PMPosted by Sanítyfalls
I don't know how the horde do it. I absolutely hate Zuldazar. Where is the water slide to make it easy to get down from the pyramid and maybe up. I get so lost and it just bothers me being there. I love boralus.

Yes the waterslide would be amazing. We need in game GoFundMe for ideas like this.
I Love Boralus. Tons of people around, pretty easy to get wherever you want to go. Just about everything you need close by.

I personally think it's great.

Warmode always Off.
I can tell you how I handle getting down the pyramid in Zuldazar:

- Going down to the scrapper/profession trainers on the NE side from The Seal, I take three big jumps over the railings so I’m near death when I get to the bottom.

- From there, if I need to get to the port, I run to the south side, jump off the waterfall down into the pool.

It’s a PITA.

Yeah, blizz has made getting around unnecessarily painful.
10/22/2018 04:05 PMPosted by Chibisue
Boralus is the best laid out city in all of WoW. It feels like it's a real city. But there's nothing to make you visit it fully. The vendors sell the same garbage they sell in a Lvl 1-10 zone.

There's so many neat things to see if you explore the city fully but you're kept out of it like you're looking at the city through a goldfish bowl. There are all these named NPCs that have no quests for you. There are shops, like the cake shop in Upton that don't even sell you goods. There's an auction house where.... you can't buy and sell things. Really?

Personally I've always believed every non-mob NPC should have a name and a story and a quest line that brings you in on that story. Everyone.

There's one named NPC in Boralus who says he likes pretzels when you talk to him so I ran around the city looking for a vendor that sells pretzels thinking it might unlock some quest. But nothing, I found the vendor, bought the pretzels and returned to him but he still just tells me he likes pretzels.

There are creepy-a55ed things in Boralus too like the gaunt Chimney Sweep and the bedroom with the disappearing dolls. Things that make you think there should be a story we're brought in on and instead there's nothing.

There's all this activity around the city you can look at but not touch. There's a posh club in Upton where rich people lounge around and are served. If you follow one of the serving girls as she makes her rounds you can follow her into the basement of the club where she gets into a heated argument with a man working down there. It feels like there's a story there but we're not allowed in on it.

There's a shady card game going on in one of the buildings but nothing for us to do but look at it. There's a woman in a bedroom in one of the buildings who has a man flirting with her and then a big bruiser of a man comes into the bedroom and beats him to death in a jealous rage. All we can do is watch.

Boralus has been made into such a real city in a way that none of the other cities in WoW have been and yet we're stuck in the role of passive observer. There's a whole expansion worth of stories waiting to be told just in Boralus alone and yet most of us have already exhausted all of BfA's storylines and are stuck grinding WQs for rep (if we haven't already maxed that out too).

Let your writers off the leash, Blizzard and give them reign to flesh out Boralus, all its citizens and bring us in to fully engage with their lives. C'mon! It's such a tease only being able to watch them without being able to engage them.

Your post is making me want to go check on Geralt. I'm pretty sure there's some trouble I haven't gotten him in yet.
10/22/2018 03:17 PMPosted by Levíathan
In non warmode, I find Boralus to be fairly full of players. It is possible that it's a result of warmode.

This. It's always packed when i'm there (nom warmode).
10/22/2018 03:02 PMPosted by Raevor
Where is everybody? It largely empty of other players. Or is it just empty? Or is it because of Warmode? I do not know, but it does not feel populated.

I dunno but it seems like the entirety of Tiragarde Sound suuuuuuuuucks. Never see anyone in either Boralus or Tiragarde Sound.
10/22/2018 03:11 PMPosted by Haunter
10/22/2018 03:10 PMPosted by Voltagè
But have you been to the crazy cat lady's house?

I need to know where this is

Catty Cathy's
/way 54.05, 71.37 in Upton Borough, Boralus. There's a nice little outdoor cafe in the courtyard behind the house (The Cupola Cafe).

I've heard rumors of a house of dogs but don't know where that is.... yet. I must pet all the puppies! (Anyone know where that is? Thanks in advance!)
I spent like 2 hours wandering around the entire city and enjoyed all of it. There's even an innkeeper in the mariner's row area. Beautiful city. Reminded so much of Fable 2's main city.

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