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Since leveling is so bad right now I am trying to find world pvp to make it fun while I level. The problem is I can't find horde players anywhere in the old world. The only one I have ran into are 120s camping Duskwood. I even went to the barrens and it was exactly that Barren.

I used to be on Illidan server it was so easy to find horde to fight while leveling now with warmode its impossible. Does anyone have a solution for this or is it just a new reality I have to get used to?

It seemed blizzard designed warmode like they do everything now. With only endgame in mind. Is low level pvp dead?
End Game has been the focus of this game since Classic. You're just being put into bad shards. I won't use War Mode because for me it is impossible to do anything with it on. 20 Horde per 1 Alliance and no one responds to any kind of call for help.

War Mode Shards aren't restricted to your server either.
You moved to Moon Guard.

Moon Guard's Horde population, at lv120, is 24%.
Illidan Horde population, at lv120, is a whopping 98%.

Moon Guard is a RP server.
Illidan is/was a PVP server.

That's why you're not finding anybody.
the toons im leveling are not on moonguard or other rp servers
10/24/2018 07:54 AMPosted by Sindrelara
the toons im leveling are not on moonguard or other rp servers

Then post on the toon with the issue...
Just turn it off, or get better awareness, pick one.

Coming to the forum to cry won't improve your situation.

These forums make you want to claw your eyes out.
War Mode is specifically designed to prioritize faction balance in a zone. This doesn't mean that there's not 40 horde in one section and 40 alliance spread through the map though.

It should be entirely independent of what server you're on if you're not on an RP server. RP servers have different sharding rules.

Go to some of the azerite world quest spots and you will find some horde.
As one guy pointed out you are on a RP server. There are special rules applied to RP realms and sharding.

Those rules dictate only others who are on a RP realm can be sharded with you.

I.e. RP pvp is dead not low level pvp.
Join a Wpvp community so you can get into a group that is on a more horde dominated wpvp shard.

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