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My relatives left WoW in Cataclysm. Specifically, it was player scummery in instances that drove them away, and they still tell their stories about how they got insulted and booted all these years later.

They say people are nicer in other games, There's less group drama. They really loved Star Wars the Old Republic until they 'messed up their companion plotlines' or something like that. Their companion died or became a traitor, and some new companion was shoved down their throat.

With all due respect, they're not coming back unless they start hearing 'WoW is freaking FUN!" all over the internet.
Ok folks its not dying. It called intensive care. Its been this way since WOD. If we don't get new doctor then it might die. Then again it like my gramps too tough to die.
You remind me of the voice actor who does the headless horseman. :)

Seriously, I never got what you described. Even the vets were pretty good with me. There was one player who was a real !@# but you know, that's an exception.
10/24/2018 07:40 PMPosted by Berair
Like the name op, loved that Death Note series(and I am really note an anime fan but a friend showed that and what a neat concept!) but acting out is not the way to get the attention you seek.

If WOW dies it dies don’t worry about it, play and have fun while it lasts. :)GLHF!

God it was so bad, but then again so is Bleach and Naruto and theyre universally loved.

I agree with the rest of your comment though.
I wish it would die so they will finally make a new mmo. It’s is so time.
I wish it would die so they will finally make a new mmo. It’s is so time.
11/13/2018 08:15 AMPosted by Cattywompus
I wish it would die so they will finally make a new mmo. It’s is so time.

Ah, one final necro post before the end. Nice.
Oh cool you found my drunk thread. Sometimes I post some stupid stuff when I drink.

I usually stick to in game antics when drinking but this time I guess I wasn't.

Also wow isn't dying. Some missteps sure but not dying.
I mean I'm pretty sure that WoW will never die but seeing ATVI drop nearly 35% in less than two months is pretty telling that future resources dedicated to WoW are going to be limited.
Are people necro-rezzing these threads in hopes that it will help them be transferred over to the new forums?
So Blizzard and WoW increased revenue 20% and basically carried Activision Blizzard last quarter.
WoW is not dying, it's just having a rough patch. They're still making sizable sums of money off of what remains, enough so to continue for years to come. Don't be so nihilistic, the game's just not at a high point right now.
Eh it's past time really. I have good memories in this game but I won't shed a tear if it shuts down tomorrow.
its over due just look at wow twitch channel one guild method is viewbotting in the wow channel.that channel used to be booming now one guild is viewbotting to take over the wow channel and i report each one every day.

if you think its bad cow come back in 4 months thats the 6th month mark wow will be really dead by then after 8.1.
WoW iS dYiNg
10/24/2018 05:06 PMPosted by Bogo
Did you know EQ is still going? Like, pretty solidly too.

I don't know where you kids get off thinking the game is going to end just because it drops beneath some mythical 1M sub count or whatever.

The flip flopping, FotM, best only kids always have doom and gloom. There are good times, and there are bad times, but this game has been dying for twelve years. That is one slow death. Even if the end is near, it had a great run, but I doubt servers just shut down.
Diablo is dying.
11/13/2018 12:00 PMPosted by Holyrak
Diablo is dying.
Diablo's been dead for a while, BlizzCon was just us finding its corpse washed up on the shore.
10/24/2018 05:37 PMPosted by Crookedmán
- Make community. Force us to work together.

- Remove AP. Useless gimmick regular gear is fine. Game has plenty to keep us busy.

- Make only 2 raid difficulties. Takes too much time to do them all.

- Tone down rng. A little is fine.

- Remove GCD it isn't useful.

1: agreed

2: Agreed, a variation of Pandaria's enhancement and reforging would suffice.

3: I agree

They already admitted that 4 is an issue, and they're walking back 5 a little.

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