<TDC> 8/8H Recruiting for Mythic

Raid Times:
Tuesday/Wednesday - 9pm to 11pm Eastern
Friday/Sunday - Optional as of now but we run guild stuff 9pm to 11pm Eastern

We are 8/8N | 8/8H | some members are 2/8M.

Raid spots open

Tank - None are needed but will take a few to give our tanks a break or opportunity to run an alt.

Healers - Taking all as of now. We have 4 main guild healers currently.

Locks - LF 1 or 2 good locks

Ranged DPS - We are currently a very melee heavy guild. Looking for good ranged dps to fill spots

Melee DPS - accepting all melee DPS, but understand we have 6-10 constant melee members who show up.
We are also recruiting for M10+ individuals to run weekly (minimum) to daily M+.

Accepting anyone else who is exceptional and ready to raid/progress.

About the guild
We are a medium to hardcore guild when it comes to raiding. We don't take it super serious but we don't take it lightly either. We come fully prepared, flasked, geared, gemmed, etc...

We also do guild RBGS, Arenas, and a ton of Mythic+10 and up.

We are looking for serious raiders only who come prepared.

If interested, please contact any officer or myself in game. You can also put up a thread in our discord https://discord.gg/S8z2zzr

We look forward to raiding with you.
Still looking for members. Also what is the best way to recruit in 2018? Forums seem dead and useless. Hit me up in game or here. Let me know.

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