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Which is the easiest class to play with the least amount of steps in a rotation?
frost dk
havoc dh
BM hunter
Beast Master Hunter
Ret pally has always been a pretty easy class/spec to play.
10/29/2018 06:33 AMPosted by Remela
Ret pally has always been a pretty easy class/spec to play.

I miss seal twisting :(

When they removed that I stopped playing my Paladin.
Someone said “easiest class” and I got here as fast as I could.
Feral Druid - Just auto attack, no need to push any buttons, its about the same DPS
Today everything is easy.. almost all the classes are 3-4 button class rotation.
Frost DeathKnight
Frost mage probably, especially for single target fights.
DH is pretty easy to excel with, that's the biggest problem with the class.

Arcane Mage. My wife is having a blast with it.
10/29/2018 07:02 AMPosted by Mewcie
Frost DeathKnight

Sorry, but no. The amount resource pooling and management that DKs must use to be competitive is far higher than a class such as Arms War. If you mess up a single piece of the BoS rotation, then your dps is laughable compared to any other class.

Need I mention that we're at the bottom outside of BoS, which is already a terrible spec to begin with.
Most specs are pretty simple nowadays but Ret/Havoc put me to sleep more than any others. Even BM has that irritating barbed shot mechanic going for it, and Frost DK needs to be very careful about when to come back from being afk to use Breath of Sindy.
I love when people say rogue, then they try Subtley. I always have a good laugh when they see that bar flip in-combat for the first time. Assassination is pretty easy tho.
10/29/2018 07:06 AMPosted by Potek
Arcane Mage. My wife is having a blast with it.

I don't think arcane is easy at all. I must be missing something in BFA
I'd say my Brew monk is about as easy as my BM hunter. This warrior isn't far off if it is at all. Most classes/specs are all really easy these days. 3-4 main button rotations with a couple big CDs.
Short of shadow priest most class/specs are rather straight forward once you get the basic rotation into swing.
10/29/2018 05:47 AMPosted by Wiiman
Beast Master Hunter


Blood DK is pretty easy too.

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