Isnt 8.1 overdue? should we worry?

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I do not think its coming soon. They making a bunch of changes based on feedback. If they continue doing this I say mid dec at most. depending on how things go. Thus,there been three or four massive changes ion story and its direction.
I'm figuring late November early December
In legion the cycle went 7.1 small patch 7.1.5 big patch 7.2 small patch

This has been flipped in bfa
10/29/2018 01:19 PMPosted by Cyouskin
Nothing wrong with letting content breathe.

Are we talking about the same BfA here...?
Tuesday patch would be entirely too soon, to be honest.

8.1 is coming with a new raid, new war campaign, new warfront, notable spec changes for a handful of specs, new island expeditions and notable updates to that system in general, dubloon vendors, mythic+ vendors, and idk what else.

It's gonna be a pretty substantial patch, releasing it too early like they did in Legion will only contribute to a longer lull at the end of the expansion, as well as rushing people through a raid tier when it's too early to become obsolete -- remember the 7.1 raid in Legion wasn't the full tier, it was a 3 boss mini-raid. The first raid we're getting in 8.1 is the full raid.
TBH i dont follow PTR notes besides class tunings.

My concern was that they were giving less resources to the development team and thus being in danger of having less content through the expansion, like in WoD.

If its going to come packed with content im more than happy waiting for it.
I would like to see 8.0 patched into a balanced state before 8.1. There is no reason tank warrs or resto shaws should have to wait until 8.1 to not be trash.
I'd prefer they go the Valve route and take forever to release something god tier.

Don't take the Bethesda route and make something poopy in 2 hours.
Blizzcon announcement will be that they've given up on 8.1 and are now concentrating all their developmental efforts on making 8.2 be spectacular.
8.1 will be a failure 2 raids that 80% of the player base wont do more islands and a new warfront to

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