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Well, I've finished by root beer (don't laugh!), and I'm about to head off for some game time with ol' Tristano here, but I need to ask:

Am I understanding the matter of sharding correctly if I say that sharding will *not* get in the way of server-specific social issues?

A primary complaint old-schoolers have about modern WoW is that that the group finder unintentionally promotes a lack of accountability for bad behavior. Based on what I've been reading, the fear seems to be that sharding will somehow render moot that social aspect of the classic game.

Instead - if I understand correctly - sharding only affects the numbers of individual players currently active in a . . . can I call it a cell? Too Bethesda? . . . particular area(?), basically so that we don't have a gazillion people trying to kill Hogger at the same time thereby slowing down or shutting down a given server.

Or is my head totally up my butt about this?

Thanks in advance!
Bumped because I'm curious, but also in the mood to take a risk asking this on the weekend.
A blue, think it was Lore, posted that they might use it for launch to keep servers stable while the population is concentrated in one area for stability, and then turn it off once the population stabilizes.
There's a lot of players who want Classic who are still against sharding. I see its use and the intentions early, but if they leave it in, it will kill Classic. A short clip on Twitch showed the moment a streamer went from seeing a crowded Crossroads to just one other player.

It's a bad system for extended play.
They already 'splained what they are doing, it makes sense. They'll use it at the start and if it needs it, then do away with it.

When Classic is a ghost town, once people hit the level 60 wall, you'll be happy that they CAN do sharding.

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