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I enjoy actual reaction videos, like GoT fans losing their minds during the red wedding or Seattle Seahawks fans watching an interception to lose the superbowl.
OP, they're making such videos because like gif videos, they're easy content to make for a quick buck through taking advantage of YouTube's current policies.
just don't watch them 4head
Fine to present an opinion (reaction videos are lazy, stupid, fall of Western Civilization, dogs & cats sleeping together, etc) but there's no need to call out and shame specific people.
11/04/2018 06:25 AMPosted by Sarcasmic
Seriously. I don't get them. Who are these people who watch these videos in earnest? Any of you know anyone who does or do you yourself? I searched for "Lost Honor" on YouTube last night to show it to my girlfriend and all there were was piles of these lazy idiotic reaction videos.

Not surprisingly TradeChat the second or third laziest WOW content creator was up there with her reaction video.

Your literally posting a reaction post, to a reaction of a reaction video.

Where does this snake end?

Where can we choke this thing off for good?
Reaction videos were cool for a few weeks, now they just make me cringe.
I sort of keep it on in the background, while I game.

I've found SOME to be interesting, where they breakdown what may phsyically have gone into creating something or an explanation of why a particular thing was used. Lost Honor isn't one of those videos unless you really want to discuss potential story plot for what COULD come. But that's not reacting that's theorycrafting.

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