Hello Zul'jin! 8/8M guild Lethal is starting sales once again for BFA!

and last about an hour and a half.

Who are We?
- #1 2-night guild in the US for 5 raid tiers so we are used to getting things done fast and efficiently
- 8/8M guild on Thunderhorn (US 38)
- Longstanding, trusted reputation with raid and dungeon sales since WOD

Current Packages:

8/8 Heroic Uldir - 400k
What you get: 8 boss kills including G'huun AOTC, the chance for personal loot to drop, and the ability to roll on any items that our raiders do not need (loot not guaranteed).

G'huun ONLY - 150k
What you get: 1 boss kill (G'huun), AOTC achievement, and a chance for personal loot to drop. You will not get the ability to roll on any items a raider does not need.

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1. What currency do you accept?
We accept gold ONLY and communicate only through Battle.net or whispers.

2. What servers do you accept gold on?
Right now we accept gold on Thunderhorn/Blade's Edge, Illidan, Thrall, Zul'jin, or Area 52.

3. Do you require a deposit?
Yes. A 20% deposit is required upfront to reserve your spot, and the rest is required before the raid starts. If you need to cancel your spot, please be advised that a 48 hour notice is required to get your deposit back.

4. Do I need gear/experience?
Not at all! It's a carry run for a reason. Sit back, relax, and don't forget to tag the boss.

5. Who do I contact?!
Please add Amanda#1257 to Battletag to reserve a spot.
NOTE: Anyone who is trying to sell you a run from "Lethal" and is not coming directly from that battletag should not be trusted and may be trying to scam you. NEVER join someone on Discord or Skype to talk about sales.
Spots available! Get your heroic run from a trusted and efficient guild :)

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