Yipz BFA/Warlock rant youtube vid


Just putting this on here so more people can see and maybe Blizzard can too, a good rant video from one of the best warlocks in the world

Pretty much hits all the points of how lock felt this xpac, I stopped playing lock 2 weeks into raid release just because of how uninteresting the lock gameplay was.

Trash in PvP and boring/braindead in PvE
I watched his vid earlier, and I feel the same. Blizzard dropped the ball on warlock design.

Ruined affliction

Demos dps is weak

Destro is kind of meh. Chaos bolt does weak damage. Cataclysm hits harder and it's an aoe spell >.>

All the specs are weak in PvP. Blizzard kept us immobile like we usually are, but took the survivability that made us viable. So we're left being immobile and fragile

The class is like a really good looking cake, except when you take a bite, the cake has no flavor and you're left disappointed and sad :(
I am on the same boat, i am already tired of waiting for a fix to the class, the game doesnt feel fun any more and blizzard ignore every feedback warlocks give to them. The class is ruined at the moment.
Glad to know im one whos not in the same boat alone for a while now. Makes me sad the direction our class, game, etc, has been going and they don't listen to the player feedback that really needs attention asap. Saw the video last night and it made me feel down hearing him say how he feels about the warlock class, the state of the expansion and god knows whats going to happen further on sadly.
All specs are pretty boring IMO none of them really have that min-max effect, they're all mostly cool down centric now. None of them really have that resource sniping or trinket procc alignment etc. And I agree a lot of the azerite traits are better off being baseline passives. Only thing I would add is that Destro and Demo definitely need more interesting traits as they've fallen behind in that regard as compared to Affli.

Yep, I got 3 classes at 120, 2 at 115+ and rest somewhere between 110 and 114. I can't log in to play any of them, they are just so un-fun.

The only thing keeping me logged in is twinking :/
Was considering leveling my mage whos a bloodelf and now with the upcoming heritage armor, diffrent caster playstyle, etc, but man im so bored with bfas content :(
Yep, class design and the Azerite system are horrible
Sounds like some of you define "fun" as your class being OP af and facerollin' fools, or you just don't want to login.
He ranted about being bored with PvE.... well PvE is boring.. what do you expect?
Many classes are boring and the content doesn't reward you enough to keep doing it over and over. Do your raid. Do your one mythic weekly. Get off.
He nailed it. Of course his specificity towards warlock is spot on, but his comments about the game in general are spot on too. Keys generally being unfun, and as he said it's not fun to completely overgear something but not feel that character progression because keys require so much micro management. It used to be fun to queue into low level keys, but now it's exhausting, and has nothing to do with wanting to faceroll/be OP. In general, warlock does pretty well; the class mechanics are just stale and easy. I wish it was just a matter of "don't like it? Don't play it." But I have 7 toons at 120 and I'm struggling to find any content enjoyable. The only thing I'm really having fun with is MW in pvp because it's completely broken (offensive, mobile, good survivability, essentially everything warlock lacks). I digress. Not planning on quitting, but just kind of on autopilot until we get some real systemic changes to the game, and our class.

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