[A] <TKx> LFM for mythic raids! - Late night

<TKx> is looking for a few confident players to fill out our mythic raid roster. A working microphone is required. We are interested in players open to learning and ALWAYS looking for something to improve upon.

<TKx> is a long time gw2 WvW focused guild moved to WoW due to our long enjoyed game mode dying. If you're looking for a guild that will provide a close-knit environment and stability, we've been going strong for 5+ years.

Our plan is to level, gear up, and progress Mythic raid content ASAP.

Raid times are Fri, Sat at 9:30pm US-PST. Raid lasts 4 hours.

Since our schedule is light, it is critical that you come prepared and focused, so we get the most out of our raid time.

What we're looking for...
Players who are driven to always learn and constantly improve. We will get the most out of our raid time. Gear is not our concern as we can obtain gear, we want players who will uphold our expectation of learning and always improving. Even though our schedule is light, our mindset for improvement and learning is absolutely hardcore. We strive to do something better everytime, all the time.

We will be progressing normal and heroic to get geared, so gearing is not an issue.

What we need:
- 1 MW Monk
- 1 Resto Druid
- 1 DH DPS, 1 Monk DPS
- Ranged DPS
Any class and spec is welcome to inquire. We are always interested in exceptional players.

- age 18+
- a good attitude
- being open to individual constructive criticism
- a working microphone (that you will be required to use)
- good communication skills
- always looking for ways to improve your gameplay

Server: US-Lightbringer, Alliance.

We speak with all potential recruits via Discord voice before inviting to TKx; this is to ensure a clear understanding of our expectations is established before we invite you to join us.

If you're interested or have questions please contact...

BTag: mitsuru#1890

You may also reply here and we will get in contact with you.
Still looking for a back-up tank, MW monk, and a couple of DPS!
Always interested in hearing from exceptional players.

Contact BTag: mitsuru#1890
Doing our first raid this weekend. Still searching for a dedicated Monk heals. Also interested in a resto druid, WW monk, and havoc DH.
We are always interested in hearing from exceptional players regardless of class/spec.

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