Intellect Macro

Do you Arcane Mages ever realize after 10 fights that you forgot to put you Intellect buff on? I do, often. I am constantly eating Mana Buns after a fight to quickly refresh my health and mana.

So I made a macro to combine Int buff and Food. Make your Conjured Mana Buns in your bags, click one time on this after a fight. It refreshes your Arcane Intellect 60 minute buff everytime and immediately sits you down to eat food to fill up your health and mana bars.

#showtooltip Conjured Mana Bun
/cast Arcane Intellect
/use Conjured Mana Bun
I use this one:

#showtooltip Arcane Intellect
/use Repurposed Fel Focuser
/use Fire-Watcher's Oath
/use Molok Morion
/cast [@player]Arcane Intellect
/use Heartsbane Grimoire

Will put re-usable augment rune in there when it comes out too. Unfortunately Heartsbane Grimoire has a cast time.. which is awkward when I go to recast Arcane Intellect mid-raid encounter to buff people who got brez'd only to start casting a Toy. But it makes you and your mount look cool!

It's also nice having the Fire-Watcher's Oath in the macro when you have War Mode on (or when you're BG'ing) so you never forget to recast it when you're going for your Fire-Watcher title. I mean if you don't mind looking like a pink bull-man (although, sometimes the HB Grimoire will remove the pink glow effect which is nice).

Also I do Arcane Intellect @player because I got tired of buffing merchants or having my target out of range when I try to use it. If anyone not in my group ever asks for an Int buff I gotta go into my spellbook and get it. :-O

Obviously an obnoxious macro with lots of toy uses in there too, but I like that you macro'd yours to your food eat as well. Great for Mythic+ to help conserve healer mana by eating your health up while maintaining your Int buff on the group. So even useful when you're not Arcane.
/cast [@player] Arcane Intellect
Also buffs everyone you're in a party with. No need to target a person specifically
Make a macro for your mount and Arcane Intellect, they do not share global cooldown so you are essentially saving time.

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