After this, no more.

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The joke that BfA is a MoP retread has already been done to death that I won't bother listing the parallels.

You guys wanna go this route? Fine. It's too late to change course.

After this, stop. If it happens a third time it's going to be all the Horde is known for and all anyone will expect from it.
Episode VII: The Force Awakens is a retread of Episode IV: A New Hope, but with new characters.

Orphan living in a sparse world meets droid carrying a secret that can be used to defeat the Empire / First Order. Said orphan learns he/she has force sensitivity and develops force powers.
All this nonsense reduces the Horde to a belligerent child of a nation that can't control itself. I want proof that it is more than that, because it deserves to be.

OTOH, I'd like to see the Alliance weather the kind of internal storms that the Horde has survived. And Alterac doesn't count.
Least MoP didn't have specs designed for windowlickers. I can forgive a lot of the dumb s$#t that blizzard does as long as the spec is good. That all gets magnified when the specs are dumb and you try to take them through the same dumb s$#t.

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