The Return of Thrall?

Wyrmrest Accord
And he's voiced by Chris Metzen. I wish to hear his beautiful voice speak sweet nothings into my ear.
I want him back but only after some Blizzard-style craziness e.g. he goes off to save Chromie or gets into some Bronze Dragonflight shenanigans in some other way, comes back with gray eyebrows and a gray beard.

Gray beard Thrall is the wise yet fiesty Grandpa Warchief we've always needed.

Also, he may or may not be a Dreadlord.
Sef is chaotic neutral in its rawest form. XD
11/11/2018 03:04 PMPosted by Sarestha
later confirming that he was talking about Thrall.

Let's be real here, everyone knew exactly which hug pillow he was smuggling into Blizzcon that day.
Frankly, it's kind of Thrall's fault we're even IN this mess to begin with. When he left the Horde to become World Shaman, he left a total psycho in charge of the Horde, and things have just been going downhill for us ever since.

So naturally, if he ever does return to Warchief, I am personally tying him to the throne in Grommash Hold.

He is not allowed to leave us again.

I don't see Thrall returning to be Warchief. I do however see Thrall returning to help Saurfang though. One can wish.

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