XP should be removed from Battlegrounds.

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Look at that "i'm a twink so no skill to back me up give me everything" victim card. No, you should be put in your own brackets, you're deathly afraid of that because you'll be competing again and not just reaping the benefits of a broken system by killing players at a disadvantage. Bye.
11/15/2018 06:04 AMPosted by Willybrown
11/15/2018 05:51 AMPosted by Corpseworth
nailed it

The good old separated bracket days, so much old information is still very current. Check the dates, "Separated" expansion.
02/05/2011 08:40 PMPosted by Aléxåndros
kinda funny how all of the real twinks said this would happen. we get our own queues now and you guys find a new scape goat to point your finger at when you get stomped.

Makes it painfully obvious that most levelers are too lazy to properly gear for PVP.

02/06/2011 01:55 AMPosted by Daisyadair
This is such a pointless argument anymore. It so EASY to gear up now at a low level that any player can be in full blues by the time they are in their 20's. If you keybind your abilities, dont keyboard turn and pay attention to your surroundings in bgs you will be a Juggernaut throughout your leveling bg experience.

So dont complain about others having better gear when gear is so easily obtainable. There are quests at the beginning of every low level dung that gives great gear, not to mention the Satchel for randoms. Plus each starting zone has questlines that end in really nice blue gear. So stop being bad and improve your game.

08/19/2012 09:08 AMPosted by Valfar
Everybody knows about the GY camp problems and the fact that it is an occasion to celebrate if you get in an evenly matched, competitive battleground where it really could go either way. Every time I queue as an alt, it's either steamroll or be steamrolled with almost no in between.

All you're doing is quoting more like minded !@#$ters.

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