[A]<Kindrèd> LFM for Uldir, Mythic+ and 8.1!

Guild Recruitment

<Kindrèd> is an Alliance guild of friendly, mature players on Proudmoore seeking new friends to join our community! We are primarily an adult group (21+) who love playing WoW and taking part in all it has to offer. Some of us are in school, some of us have jobs, and some of us have kids, but what binds us all together is the enjoyment we get from this game. You won’t find drama here, bragging about dps meters, or leet speak. What you will find are fun, friendly people who are dedicated to maintaining an amazing atmosphere of friendship, respect, and slaughtering raid bosses while still remembering that real life comes first.

Kindrèd was formed at the end of WoD but many of us have been raiding for years. We are a Heroic focused guild and strive to attain AoTC for each tier, which we have done all throughout Legion. Although we try to keep raids easygoing and fun, we expect our raiders to come prepared with everything they need to kick butt. We firmly believe that progression and advancement in this game are important to keep the game fun for those who like to raid, but we also realize that leading through harsh criticism and fear of failure detracts from that fun, so you won’t hear any angry tirades or harassment during our raids. Respect and kindness are at the heart of Kindrèd and it’s the basis for how we operate as a guild and how we play the game.

If you’re looking for a raid team we’d love to hear from you, or, if you’re not into raiding and just looking for a place to call home where you can chat with friends, run dungeons, go on transmog runs, collect battle pets or focus on whatever makes you happy in WoW, we’d love to hear from you too! We’re not just a raiding guild, we’re a family.

Raid Times:
Wednesday & Thursday 8pm-11pm PST

Mythic+ on off-nights. We strive to get at least a +10 keystone every week.

Current Tier Progression:
1/8M; 8/8H; 8/8N

Current Recruitment Priorities:
We are seeking dedicated players who can commit to an attendance of 80%+, have positive attitudes, are helpful to their teammates and above all, respectful of our fellow raiders and community.

Tank: Open - non DK preferred
DPS: Open
Healer: Core spots filled but looking for someone with a strong heal OS.

DPS with a strong Heal or Tank OS is a definite plus!

All classes/specs not mentioned above will also be considered. We are always looking for dedicated, skilled players to join our team.

Interested? We hope so! Please check out our website at thekindredsouls.enjin.com for more information about us. If you’re interested in joining, please fill out an application or contact us through Bnet at Elyseia#1632, if you have any questions.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!

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