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I'd like to get a refund for bfa. I'm tired of testing this beta for the past few months. You as a company have failed to listen to your costumers and its very troublesome. As a loyal fan, I feel like I have been cheated so hard this expansion, and I feel like you guys are just going down a different path then what I came to expect and enjoy from you as a company. So I would like a refund for this expansion, along with a refund for my game time that was bought. My reasoning comes down to you guys for over a decade have yet to figure out how to tune and balance classes, you let player sit it squalor and do thing to and prolong the anguish in this game. I.E. Elemental Shamans, Resto Shamans, Shadow Priest. The list can go on, You keep propping up other classes to the point where its hard to compete with them in terms of pugging, IE Demon Hunters. SO I rather just get my refund and move on from this game. thanks in advance I look forward to not hearing a response cause that's pretty much how this is going to go down anyhow.
Well you certainly won't get a refund by posting in the forum. Ticket billing and ask. But.. of course, it'll be no - since your posting character is 120.

You might be able to get a refund of unused game time though. You'll have to ask, officially, though.
I'm sorry you feel that way, Frostform.

If you have feedback about the game it would be best directed to the appropriate forum as Customer Support has no involvement in game development. So for Shaman feedback, please post in the Shaman forum, etc.

As for a refund. Refunds have a limited window of time when they are available. As a level 120 character, you simply don't qualify. I'm sorry if your idea of what the game is or should be differs from the reality, but we do not provide refunds in these situations.

As it is unlikely that this thread will lend itself to a productive discussion I'm going to lock it up now.

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