So where's the Alliance's choice?

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11/14/2018 11:58 AMPosted by Enekie
11/14/2018 11:53 AMPosted by Ashnazg
I'm sure that when the story takes an appropriate turn, we'll get a choice similar. There's no call for outrage, here.

"It's only alpha!"
"It's only beta!"
"It's only the first two weeks!"
"I'm sure we'll get a choice when the time is appropriate."
"Ah, well, there's always next expac."

"Wait And See" arguments don't work.

Blizzard won't talk to us or acknowledge our complaints. If we don't get angry, they don't do anything.

So tired of all these whiners. Have we forgotten about Legion already? An entire expansion of HEAVY Alliance themed EVERYTHING!
The only choice you have as Alliance is to get that survey or not when you unsub.
Alliance's only choice is to either bend over and take it or unsub.
We chose to be Alliance and with that comes the acceptance that we are not the dev coddled faction and will likely not see any similar opportunities.
What do the Alliance need a choice about? Help Tyrande, we do, or help Anduin, we do that also.
Whenever it happens, choice will be 'This horse or that Horse'
The Alliance does have a choice, every day, to reroll to a more interesting faction.
Alliance choice is if they continue to play alliance, or reroll to horde like everyone else.
Maybe if the Alliance was written as actually having internal struggles between 2 very different leaders/views. The Horde player base has been split, where is the hard line split for the alliance player base? where is the alliance having to choose between siding with one that wants to end the war, and the Horde, and one that just wants to stop Sylvanas?

If anyone is going to try and use the fact that the Horde players get the choice as "Horde favoritism" I am going to call the fact that the Alliance was not put in a similar position as "alliance favoritism".

It is not favoritism here, just bad writing all around. Alliance has always been written as being united and the alliance player base don't always make enough noise about such to the point where Blizzard knows they messed up. The Horde players made it clear, with ones like me siding with Saurfang and quite a few others wanting to remain with Sylvanas.
The thing to remember here is that this is the team's first real step in providing player agency. Alex had said it during the Q&A that this is something they're experimenting with. This simply provides a good opportunity to test and see how it goes.

The Alliance will get a choice when the story fits it. As someone else had said, you guys aren't going through an internal crisis at the moment. Now if the night elves continue down the path of feeling abandoned by Anduin, then something interesting may happen there, and I hope it does.
Why don't I get the choice of kicking Anduins weak !@# into a giant bell like Garrosh did?

Alliance get the choice to how to punish Genn for being a naughty doggy.

a) Whack him with a rolled-up newspaper.

b) Use spray bottle.

c) Give him a bath.

d) All of the above.
So Alliance aren't lemmings? I thought you followed your horrible Brad Pitt boy king everywhere. Humph, Alliance always wanting to be like Horde. =P
we have the choice to accept the will of emperor wrynn
You guys are getting a daily where you help Anduin choose between his Genn, Jaina or Sylvanas Underoos every morning.
Horde only get a choice because the Sylvanas fanboys couldn't fathom going against waifu and sent devs threats.
Agreed. Alliance players should have the chance post 8.1 following the razing of Dazar'alor to side with Genn/Tyrande representing the more militant branch of the Alliance instead of Anduin and his kumbaya brigade, which even Jaina is coming around to.

That being said, wait and see if this "choice" Horde players get actually amounts to anything. AFAIK, Saurfang and Zappyboi presumably still kill Dark ranger Aliyna and other Horde soldiers sent to apprehend them. Kind of sucks we couldn't at least get the chance to try and save them. Wouldn't even care if I got pummeled by Saurfang, tbh.
11/14/2018 11:58 AMPosted by Enekie
Blizzard won't talk to us or acknowledge our complaints. If we don't get angry, they don't do anything

Blizzard said that something like this was coming in an interview a few months ago.

They said the Alliance would have to choose between trying to aim for a peaceful solution, or vengeance.

Seems like Tyrande and Genn being cool is phase 1 of that.
You already made a choice.

You chose Alliance.

Meanwhile, over here on the Horde we get to pillage and destroy without any real meaningful consequences while getting passive buffs like Horde Mode, branching story arcs, and unique and interesting mounts!

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