Weekly Time Walking Dungeon

Where do we sign a petition to change this from 5 to 3. Because holy smokes 5 is far too much for some of these.
That would be a nice change, indeed. The reward is good, but 5 is too much considering it is something extra to do. I mean, I've got a lot of island expedition, world quests, mythic dungeon and normal raiding but not enough time.
I'm all for the old dungeons and nostalgia, but dang... the amount of time to do 1 dungeon is bonkers:
    15 minutes DPS average wait time
    30 minute average dungeon run time (for BC especially) some of them have taken us close to 40 minutes.

thats almost an hour of time, so 5 take up to 5 hours.

After like 3 of them I am burnt out and just want my reward already, But instead I have to invest time the next day or so to get the rest done. I could do 1 a day, but i rather just get them all knocked out ASAP so that I can do other things throughout the day.

I can't be the only one feeling this way. I do enjoy the 1-2 runs because it is a throw back to back in the day. but by 3-4 I'm wishing I was done and never want to do them again.

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