Changing Feral Form

(new player here)
I saw somewhere that when you received an artifact weapon it would change your druid form. When I equipped the weapon for my feral form it didn't change how my cat looked.

Is there a step I am missing in this process?
Legion has several quest lines to change forms. The weapon is required for them but doesn't automatically grant them
Also, you will need to go to the Artifact Forge in the Druid Class Hall (The Dreamgrove) to change the Artifact appearance (and thus your Feral shift form). All appearances (except the Mage Tower one) are still able to be obtained.

The Dreamgrove: (you can click the Forges icon beneath map and it will mark the location of the Forge)

How to Unlock Artifact Appearances:

Feral Druid Artifact Weapon: Fangs of Ashamane:

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