Dear Alliance

Dear Alliance,
Learn2pewpew, please. Wining > HKs > Killing blows.

What does that mean? Don't fight solo, don't fight on roads, don't chase runners running away from the spot you are defending. Fit in the pit. Get the flag. Get the ore. Focus on defending flags. Learn2pewpewmoarnoobs.

No one cares about how many HKs you got, or what your DPS is. What they care about is getting wins. Because since vanilla, thats what matters.

"But Revin, what could I do to learn these awesome tricks to winning?" Well I am super glad you asked Tommy! Simple, find your favorite browser, open it up, and in the area where you can put the words into and make addresses type out, search for <Insert Class and role here> PvP Strategy <Insert battleground, arena, etc.> and Watch some videos!!! Its easy, and fun!

And remember, WINNING > HKs > Killing blows, because Tommy, no one likes the d-bag fighting on the road while they are kiting 3 rogues solo. That person is a jerk, and dumb, and probably has a neck beard and lives at home with his mommy at 24 and thinks he is super cool cause he farmed 24/7 to farm faction so his neck piece is 31337 and then mocks others who have sex on a regular basis with something other than a sock.

In the words of the sweet Korean Lady that made delicious chicken for Everybody Loves Raymond 'HAB A NA DA!!!!"

Your friendly neighborhood Hunter.

P.S. Epic BGs are much more production when you QQ less and PewPew moar. Everybody's epeen is the biggest and girls still don't want it so really, shhhhh and PEW PEW.
The arena forums care about this topic deeply
But Revin, this is the Arena Forums!
11/14/2018 08:58 PMPosted by Revín
No one cares about how many HKs you got, or what your DPS is. What they care about is getting wins. Because since vanilla, thats what matters.

Not true

11/14/2018 08:58 PMPosted by Revín
Dear Alliance,
Learn2pewpew, please. Wining > HKs > Killing blows.

Nah... Killing Blows > HK's > Winning.

If you deliver the finest Yeeting it is worth it. Also if your team sucks and you lead in Killing Blows you still get Azerite, and 2 chest because you Yeeted the other team hard despite you terrible teams performance.

So what does this teach us? Have fun Yeet often and it doesn't matter if your team wins or loses you will still be rewarded for personal performance. That's why there is a scoreboard and if the Devs only cared about what Team won they wouldn't reward people that kill everyone on the losing team :)

Maybe you should learn to get those Killing blows up
Wrong forum mate. I doubt anyone here cares about this enough.
Why would I fight on flags when I can go 40-0 fighting on the roads?

you realize that your team fighting on the roads means the enemy team is also fighting on the roads right

you realize killing/ccing/distracting enemy players on roads means the enemy team has less people to attack/defend bases right

if your team has farm and the enemy team has LM and youre running to LM to try and take it while someone from the enemy team is running from LM to take your farm, are you gonna let him by to take farm? is he gonna let you by to take LM?

why didnt robert e lee's army just walk past all the stupid soldiers on the road outside the town and go straight into gettysburg and take it over
Okay but like how can I get some egirl to spit on me if I don’t have top HK’s?
DeAr AlLiAnCe,
LeArN2pEwPeW, pLeAsE. WiNnInG > HKs > KiLliNg BlOwS.

wHaT dOeS tHaT mEaN? dOn'T FiGhT SoLo, dOn'T FiGhT oN RoAdS, dOn'T cHaSe rUnNeRs rUnNinG aWaY fRoM tHe sPoT yOu ArE dEfEnDiNg. FiT iN ThE PiT. GeT tHe fLaG. GeT tHe OrE. FoCuS oN dEfEnDiNg fLaGs. LeArN2PeWpeWmOaRn0oBs.

nO oNe CaReS aBoUt hOw MaNy HKs yOu GoT, oR wHaT yOur DPS iS. WhAt tHeY caRe aBoUt iS gEtTiNg WiNs. BeCaUse siNcE vAniLLa, tHaTs wHaT mAtTeRs.

"bUt ReVin, wHaT cOuLd I Do tO lEaRn thEsE aWeSoMe tRicKs to wiNniNg?" wElL I aM sUpeR gLaD yOu aSkEd ToMmY! SiMpLe, FiNd yOuR fAvOriTe bRoWseR, oPeN iT Up, aNd iN tHe aReA wHeRe yOu CaN pUt tHe wOrdS iNtO aNd mAke aDdReSses TyPe oUt yOuTuBe.cOm, seArCh for <InSeRt ClAsS aNd RoLe hErE> PvP StRaTeGy <iNsErt bAtTleGrOuNd, aReNa, eTc.> aNd WaTcH sOmE ViDeOs!!! iTs EaSy, aNd fUn!

AnD rEmeMbeR, WINNING > HKs > KiLLinG bLowS, bEcAuSe ToMmY, nO oNe LiKeS tHe d-BaG FiGhTinG oN tHe RoAd whiLe tHey Are KiTinG 3 rOguEs SoLo. ThAt pErSon iS a JeRk, aNd duMb, aNd prObAbLy hAs a NeCk BeArD aNd liVeS aT hOme WiTh HiS mOMmy aT 24 aNd thiNkS hE iS sUPer cOoL cAuSe hE fArMed 24/7 To fArM fAcTioN sO His NecK PiEcE iS 31337 aNd tHeN mOcKs oThErs wHo hAvE sEx On a rEgUlaR bAsiS WiTh sOmEtHiNg oThEr tHan a sOcK.

In tHe wOrDs oF tHe sWeeT KoReAn LaDy tHAt mAde DeLiCiouS chiCkEn fOr EvEryBoDy LoVes RaymOnd 'HaB A nA dA!!!!"

YoUr fRieNdLy nEigHboRhOod HuNtEr.

P.S. EpiC bGs aRe mUch mOrE pRoDucTion wHeN yOu QQ lEsS aNd PeWpeW moAr. EvEryBoDy's ePeEn iS tHe biGgEst aNd GiRls sTiLl dOn'T wAnT iT sO rEaLly, ShHhHh aNd PeW pEw.

Btw guys, this guy F U C K S.
Damage done is all that matters. Very rarely does the team with the most damage lose

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