[H] 377 Blood DK LF 7-11 PST Guild

Hello everyone,

I'm a 377 Blood Dk LF for a 3-day/week (pref) for 9-12 hours/week.

Times must be between 6:30 pm - 11 pm PST, specific days aren't important.

My current BFA experience is 8/8 H and 1/8 M

Here's my personal link to logs (somewhat limited as my previous guild did not regularly log) : https://www.warcraftlogs.com/user/131460/

Alternatively, you can just look up Liverdeath on Tichondrius.

Backstory: I've been playing WOW on/off since Vanilla BETA (31 years old) and have raided almost every tier of content. Have made a few US top 100 kills in my time, have raid leaded (no longer a desire), have been an officer in almost every guild, even have been GM in a few guilds, and have always loved this game. With my experience means I am a fast learner and am usually waiting on the DPS & Heals to get their act together many many wipes before the first kill.

Besides obvious scheduling needs, I'm looking for a guild that has STRONG potential for CE kills with PLENTY of time to spare. Current progression isn't as much as a concern for me so long as there's quality players to progress and grow with into 8.1. I'm looking for a relaxed environment with established leadership that has the respect of his/her guild. I'm not only looking for a guild that can progress while having fun, but I'm also looking for a social atmosphere to make new friends. Mythic + junkies is a plus. (Currently 844 io as i only run a few per week, hope to do more!)

My realid is Liverdie#11296, alternatively I can be contacted via Discord @ Liverdie#7364 to chat during work hours.

- Liver
Hello. I am currently unfamiliar with any guilds on server fitting what you need especially time wise and in need of a tank currently raiding Mythic. Hard to do that without a tank already =P

Our server hosts a community and recruitment Discord which you can join


You can find a plethora of guilds with past CE experience here and plenty in between.

Good luck in your hunt.

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